Sembaruthi December 31, 2020, Written Update of Episode

Sembaruthi December 31, 2020, Written Update of Episode |

Vanaja wants to know who Aishwarya is waiting for. The two brought food from Aishwarya’s restaurant. Purushottam, Arun, and Vadivel came downstairs. They were very excited to see all the food on the table. Purushottam asked Aishwarya why he ordered all these dishes. Aishwarya said that Akhila solved all problems. She ordered special dishes from the hotel to celebrate.

At this moment, Akira returned home. Alan brought Ashila to the table. Archila was shocked to see all the dishes. They let her sit down. Arun told Akhila that Aishwarya got rid of all difficulties and ordered everything to be given special treatment. Arun and Aishwarya provide food for Akhila, Vadivel, and Purushotaman.

Zee Tamil Serial Sembaruthi December 31st, 2020 Written Episode Online

Vanaja is jealous when he sees the whole family eating food happily. She also sat down. Allen deliberately ignored Wanaka. Akhila asked him to also serve Vanaja. Alan said he brought her favorite dish. Allen will take it. Vanaja thought happily that Arun might have brought Biryani for her. He serves Vanaja’Kaali’. Vanaja looked shocked, while the others laughed. Archila asked Allen what it was. Arun said Vanaja likes “Kaali”. Pattama also confirmed Arun’s words. Vanaja ate Kaali without any choice. Wadiville kept taunting her. Vanaja thought of avenging them.


Parvathi and Jaanu came to the temple. They heard the cry of the baby. They go to check. They were shocked to find a baby crying in the trash can. They want to know how to throw a baby like this. Parvati said she was a baby girl. The baby kept crying, Parvati worried. A passerby suggested that they notify the police.

Tamil Serial Sembaruthi 31-12-2020

Parvathi and Janu took the baby to the hospital due to breathing difficulties. The doctor examines the baby. She asked the nurse to take the baby to the ward. The doctor asked Parvathi to fill out the admission form. Parvathi wanted to know how to fill out the form because they didn’t know anything about her. Janu said that they should listen to passers-by and notify the police. Just then, the nurse told them that the baby’s name was Ashila. Parvathi asked her how she knew the baby’s name that a lady told her nurse. Parvathi and Janu believe that the mother of the baby must be in the hospital. They went to find their mother, but they couldn’t find her.

Parvathi allowed baby Akhila to enter. She replaced the baby’s mother’s name with her own name. The doctor told them that they must take a small number of tests, so they asked them to pay £5,000. Parvathi called Adhi. She told him everything. Adi tells him to go to the hospital and asks her not to worry.

In Akhila’s house, Purushotaman, Arun, and Aishwarya all found that Akhila was in a good mood. They decided to call Adi and let him talk to Ashila. On the other end, Adi arrived at the hospital. He walked in and left the phone on the bicycle. Allen has been calling Adi. The latter met Parvati. He realized that he had forgotten the money for riding a bicycle and then went back. Allen has been calling Adi.

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