Anupama 6th January 2021 Written Update

Anupama 6th January 2021 Written Update | Anupama’s written update on January 6, 2021 began when Vanraj received care and support from his family.
Sanay Dolly Pakhi Samar expressed concern about Vanraj.

Baa sang a lullaby for Vanraj and fell asleep.

Kavya called Vanraj, where he disconnected and closed the phone.

Kavya is under great pressure and does not want to lose Vanraj and return to Anupama.

The next morning, Anupama was busy preparing breakfast and soup for Vanraj in the kitchen.

Samar went to bring medicine and informed Anupama.

Baa came to Anupama, and she asked Anupama to take a break for her dance class.

Anupama refused to listen to these words of Ba (Baa), which made her angry.

Anupama brought the soup to Vanraj, where she recalled her wedding again.

Anupama hesitated about her entrance to Vanraj’s bedroom.

When Vanraj talked to Kavya via video call, Anupama encountered many difficulties.

When Vanraj tried to pick up the phone and fell, his phone fell.

Anupama witnessed this and ran towards him.

Anupama embraces Vanraj, there is a beautiful moment between them.

Kavya witnessed this intimacy and smoke in anger.

Anupama continued to hug Vanraj and let him rest slowly.

Kavya sees Anupama Vanraj intimacy
Kavya saw their connection and disconnected.

When Samar returned home, Anupama was angry and started scolding him for being late.

Samar hugs Anupama and comforts her.

Later, Anupama and Samar served Vanraj dinner together.

Anupama let Vanraj know that he needs to take medication on time.

Anupama was fidgeting, and Vanraj understood her pain this time.

When Vanraj said sorry to her again, Anupama was ready to set off.

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