A few days ago, Tesla has reached a consensus with the front of Xiaopeng.

According to Tencent Technology, Tesla sued Cao Guangzhi’s reconciliation, it is called Dismissal With Prejudice, which is a substantive reconciliation, not procedural reconciliation. Tesla was unable to prosecute Cao Guangzhi again in the future.

According to the convention agreement, Cao Guangzhi needs to apologize to Tesla for its behavior, and admitted that he was hired in Tesra, and he uploaded Tesla’s autopilot source code to his individual, based on cloud-based storage account.

Cao Guangzhi’s defense lawyer said in the statement that Cao Guangzhi is very satisfied with this result, and he is very happy to solve the agreement to suspect Tesla when submitting this case. He apologized to the unnecessary damage caused by Tesla’s lawsuit, and expressed gratitude to his colleagues in this lawsuit.

According to Electrek.com, Tesla is a lawsuit with the front employee of March 21, 2019. Tesla said in the document that Cao Guangzhi suddenly submitted to the resign on January 3, followed by they found that the hopping to Xiaopeng Automobile was aware of the person in charge.

Tesla found that Cao Guangzhi has the right of 40 people who have the right to visit the AP source as a Tesla AP team. From last year, I will upload a complete copy of the AP-related source code to my personal iCloud account. Total over 300,000 File materials related to Autopilot.

After receiving Xiaopeng Motor, Cao Guangzhi deleted 120,000 documents from its own working computer and disconnected the link to the individual Cloud account.

Tesra was also specifically pointed out in the lawsuit that Cao Guangzhi clearly cleared his computer’s browser history, and attracted another Tesla automatic driving engineer to Xiaopeng car in February.

In April 2020, Tesla proposed the appeal of the automatic driving source code to Xiaopeng Automotive, the purpose is to prove that the front employee (afterwards in Xiaopeng) stolen the company’s automatic driving source code.

Tesla made two requirements at the time:

1. I hope that the local court can force Xiaopeng to disclose its automatic driving technology source code, and the picture of the automatic driving hardware is required to accept the Shi Peng’s car employee to accept the question.

2. I hope to get the relevant information of the former Apple employee Zhang Xiaomi, who is complained by Apple, accused of stealing confidential, hopping Xiaopeng.

Xiaopeng car then issued a statement, referred to as Tesla “Bay”: “Over-expanded and distorted facts of Tesla, this matter is only Tesla in order to domine and destroy new competitors, Search for illegal means. ”

In addition, Tesla also prosecuted four former employees who were invested in the United States to automatically drive the initial company ZOOX. The American famous technology media The VERGE is reported to ZOOX when reporting this.

Last year, Tesla requested to provide automatic driving source code, Xiaopeng has published official statement, and the attitude is equally strong.

1, Xiaopeng Auto is not the case; and more than a year, it has provided backup of Cao Guangzhi working computer, and Tesla is also allowed to be under the Act of Tribunal, and the contact as of March 21, 2019 (Cao was prosecuted by Tesla The day) The company’s source code repository is delivered.

2, for a year, according to the legal investigation, “There is no indication that any Tesla’s source code”, Tesla showed all attempts showed “Obviously Oblifting a young competitor.”

When I replied to Bloomberg asked, Xiaopeng Auto North America was more represented:

“Tesla’s recent requirements have been crossing, I hope to search for their things from our intellectual property, and use false statements to constantly calm and image us.”

At the same time, Xiaopeng Auto North America is also called the behavior of the two Chinese engineers to be “propaganda speculation and prejudice”, “Tesla’s excessive expansion and distortion of the facts, indicating that this is only Tesla In order to dominate and destroy new competitors, search on various lawful means. ”

In addition, last November 20th, Mask once publicly published “Diss” Xiaopeng’s upcoming laser radar quantity model, which is today’s P5:

“They have our old software version, but there is no neural network algorithm.”, Then I also took a sentence: “This is just Xiaopeng Auto, other Chinese companies have not doing this.”

After the tweet is issued, He Xiaopeng also responds to Weibo, and the attitude is very tough:

“Let someone in the west is very unhappy, continuous use of Pigu. I want to say that rumors have proved that it is unable to defeat any competitors. Beginning next year, automatic driving in China, you have to have ideas to be played by us. Not east. As for international, we will meet. ”

In addition, when he accepted CCTV “Meeting Big Coffee”, He Xiaopeng also reaffirmed the attitude of this lawsuit, as well as Mask’s “Diss”:

“Tesra is not Xiaopeng Auto, is a front staff of Xiaopeng Auto. People married you, why are you so polite?”

Today, P5, and even Xiaopeng’s laser radar route has proven to have a fundamental difference between Tesla. In the fourth quarter of this year, Xiaopeng is about to welcome the automatic auxiliary driving test of urban roads. “Talent” war in the automatic driving field, “Technical” Wars, Tesla, Xiaopeng, this brilliant dispute, we believe that it is just an opening.

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