This year’s Shanghai Auto Show and the previous session, highlights, especially in electricization and intelligent levels, occupying great space, no longer a new forces and new brands, and traditional brands have also exhibited determination.

In the field of fuel trains, take the relatives of the people, with the price-effective Dongfeng Yueda Kia, but in this Shanghai Auto Show, in this Shanghai Auto Show, a new brand new image, representing the new product of technology, And the new goal of transformation to the new energy brand, and sincerely have new ideas in the old face.

Brand remodeling, broken circle

At the beginning of this year, Kia issued a Newkia strategy, announced the Change Company Name and LOGO, released a new brand concept and slogan (“Movement That Inspires”) and updated the medium-long strategy “Plan S”, which is committed to moving travel to the future.

In the Shanghai Auto Show, Dongfeng Yueda Kia also launched a new LOGO, borderless logo conveys a brand “breaking boundary, restart”. The new logo uses the three design concepts of “balanced, rhythm, up”, highlighting the new concept of “customer-centric” branded “customer-centered” branded “customer-centered”, and reflects the new Dongfeng Yueda’s determination to reshape the brand.

New Products: Ev6, Zhi Run Ace, Jiahua

The first special electric car EV6 in the Ya E-GMP platform ushered in the world’s first show.

The hard strength of the product is as follows: up to 600km battery life (NEDC standard); 800V super charge, only 14 minutes can increase the power from 30% to 80%, charge 4 minutes and a half, can increase 100km battery life; GT model 100 kilometers accelerate only It takes 3.5 seconds, the maximum speed can reach 260km / h. Whether it is a life-saving performance or charging technology, although the electric model of Kia is late, it is still surprising.

The Zhirun ACE, the first debut of the Shanghai Auto Show, is the first new model with new logo. Equipped with a 1.5T high-performance engine of the global CVVD technology with a maximum output of up to 200. 10.25-inch display, NVH performance optimization, GT line special seat and orange embellishment; L2 +-level ADAS smart driving assistance system, intelligent intelligent Internet 3.0, taking into account safety and intelligent dual demand.

Jiahua is a Kia flagship MPV. The global accumulated sales exceeded 2 million units, double 12.3-inch integrated screen, the blessing of the third generation I-GMP platform, in the same level, the best, most practical, most comfortable Space; In addition, L2 +-level smart driving assistance system Drive Wise makes business travel more efficient.

Accelerate electricization, technology-based brand transformation

The new energetic, Dongfeng Yueda, and the Emotion of the Yue Dazi, with “movement”, “Inspire”, to create a new booth image, refresh the brand experience. In order to reflect the sense of technology, the scene creates a vibrant LIFESTYLE Trend space by more than 1000 visual screens, brand experience space, color ball treadmill, new logo interaction, etc.

Liu Changsheng said in the media conference of the auto show: “In the influence of electricization, no driving, intelligent interconnection, the concept of moving travel is changing, Kia is based on the philosophical concept of ‘Movement That Inspires’, reshaping Brand.

From the definition of the automobile manufacturer, the future vision of the mobile travel service (Mobility Solution) is added, which is the first step in the future, in line with Dongfeng Yueda’s future development direction. “

Previously, relying on the “Plans” strategy, Dongfeng Yueda Kia has clarified the new ten-year development blueprint, determine the “one three wings” action plan, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and committed to become a leading brand of China Electric Motors in China in 2030.

“Evolution is endless road, ideal is the light of unsteading. There is no change in the world, even if weaving is still no new.” In the press conference, this Darwin is used to express the tradition of Dongfeng Yueda Kia. Car companies’ desire for evolution.

At this point, Dongfeng Yueda Kia has already upgraded “top design” to the loop upward, and opens a comprehensive “wide-angle mode” for a broader business vert.

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