Since a few years ago, the new energy vehicle market has raised the branch of the traditional fuel-saving market that is not pure. More and more industries and Internet are beginning to make cross-borders, and even in this emerging field, traditional cars are far behind. It also makes traditional car companies and consumers understand one thing, and new energy vehicles are in addition to housings and motivation, inseparable from intelligent settings.

Not long, Xiaomi officially officially entered the new energy vehicle field, and the Huawei, which was the Internet giant, reiterated that only the supplier of car companies, the Dangnan car also emphasized this. The wind wave has arrived, and the new Pure electric model of the new Baojun is equipped with the news of the Daxin’s car smart driving system. It is more concerned about the new car that is concerned about.

It is said that it is the only way to test the truth, let us first see how this new Baojun Kiwi EV with the Automatic Driving System of the Dynasty. From the appearance, the face of the new car has a few different animals. The front headlights on both sides are rounded, and the rectangular shape is surrounded by a white trim strip, more graphic cartoon. The upper part of the car body is black-oriented, and the lower half is mainly white, it can be seen that the new car will provide double color matching, more distinctive design. The fog lights on both sides are similar to the front headlights, and it seems like a base, which is quite identified.

From the side of the body, the double door design makes this car can only be used for two people. It is clear that the female owner is more adapted, the girlfriend, the boyfriend is not selected. The wheels also use semi-closed tri-prosthetic design, more graphic cartoon colors. In the car, the new car uses a hidden door handle design, and the black rectangular décor is decorated below, surrounded by red lines, more technological sense and intelligence.

From the end of the car, the logo on the left and right sides of the window has its brand and model identity. The taillights are placed near the bottom position, using a split rectangular design, more identifying. At the same time, the exhaust port setting is also canceled, and the identity of its pure electric model energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In the configuration, the new car will also provide practical functions such as reversing images in addition to the automatic driving system of Dabin.

In terms of power, it is understood that this new car is equipped with a 40 kW drive motor, the maximum torque is 150N · m, and the pure electric continuous air is up to 305km. It is obviously enough for normal commuting in the city, although the power is not strong, but it is complete enough for female owners, and the stupid shape is more attractive than Ming Minghong Mini EV. This is also a big water rushed to the dragon temple, and he is a family.

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