4299 million, Arcfox Neptha Alpha S breaks through the price of autonomous brand cars.

On the evening of April 17, the very fox held a brand night, announced the pre-sale price of Alpha s.

Dare to set this high price, no hard core, obviously cannot be recognized by the market.

Just before this public pre-sale, a car automatic driving video was hotly discussed online, video Arcfox pole fox alpha s in urban roads, such as the old driver, generally skilled to avoid the take-on bicycle, long distance driving without pick-up – The city’s automatic driving function is basically realized.

At present, there is no such capacity to do so.

Arcfox extreme fox alpha

Arcfox Nevil Alpha S successfully made such an automatic driving level, which is not related to the R & D team behind him. The R & D team behind the car is the Huawei Intelligent Auto Solutions.

Because Huawei, the pre-sale conference of Arcfox extreme fox alpha s is concerned, and public opinion is concerned that Huawei’s automatic driving level is? Cars with automatic driving ability in the city are not expensive?

On the evening of April 18, accompanied by the spring breeze and the stars, Arcfox pole fox gave an answer. Huawei automatic driving function is amazing, but the price is also quite high, the highest pre-sale price is 4.299 million yuan.



The Alpha S Huawei Hi version of the automatic driving function can be realized, and its chip has reached 400tops.

Double-chip points 400tops, single-chip capacity is about 200tOps, which has greatly transcending the industry average. At present, the car enterprise uses more automatic driving chips, and the power level is below 50tops.

Good horses are equipped with saddle, powerful computing power, inevitably requires strong sense of perception and cooperation.

Arcfox Nevil Alpha S Huawei Hi version of the automatic driving perceived hardware configuration can be described as armed to teeth.

The whole car is equipped with 3 laser radar, 6 millimeter-wave radar, 12 ultrasonic radar, 9 ADS cameras, 4 comic camera, and the number of environmentally perceived hardware is 34.

Alpha S Huawei Hi version

In terms of hardware layout, three laser radar is located in the leftmost direction of the front of the front of the front, with a better perception of the road.

Powerful hardware strength, only the basic guarantee of automatic driving ability, software research and development strength is the real competition.

At the software level, Huawei’s research and development concept is to develop and break through a scene.

In response to China’s road conditions, Huawei automatic driving research and development team conducted localized design.

For example, there is no protection of intersection, u-turn, crossroads, well line, plugs, etc., Huawei will break through one by one.

Recently, it is hot to avoid the take-on electric vehicle scene, which is the result of Huawei after the design of localization.

From the video displayed on the spot, there is currently a line of lacking, plug, disorderly electric bicycle, retrograde bicycle and other subdivision, Huawei automatic driving software can be properly responded, keep steady driving .

Before the delivery of the year, the Alpha S Huawei will support more automatic driving sections.


Huawei INSIDE is not only automatically driving

The smart cockpit is the highlight of Huawei INSIDE.

Huawei is aimed at the car, specializing in the Hongmeng OS operating system, providing a full-scene, a personalized seamless experience between smartphones and smart turbines.

On the user experience level, use Huawei Hongmeng OS smartphone, you can smoothly transfer to the Hongmeng OS smart driver of Alpha S in the use of feelings.

In the demonstration video of the launch conference, consumers use Huawei Freebus to answer the phone. At this time, consumers will enter the Alpha S car and pick up the headphones. The phone is seamless to the car audio system to continue to answer, this During the process, the call continues to continue.

Not only in terms of calls, data, applications, and content, etc., can be transmitted from mobile phones to the driver, but also from the driver to the phone.

At present, Hongmeng OS intelligent interconnection cockpit supports up to 23 application ecology, including communication, Gao De, cool dog music, cool music, etc., with interactive applications above mobile phones, reaching the human car interaction.

Huawei Inside is in the smart cockpit, not only on Hongmeng OS, and the unicorn chip that is wanted to match Hongmeng OS, and also enters the Alpha s.

Alpha s smart vehicle system, using Kirin 990A chip, its strength reaches 3.5TOPS, in the ARM machine chip, its integrity level is also multiplied.

From Alpha s, Huawei INSIDE is a holistic solution for hardware and software, not high-pass or Android original vehicle system, not single hardware, single software solution.


Fast charge: 10 minutes increase 197km battery life

The electric car is fine, and there is endless anxiety.

This is the biggest problem that the car encountered during the promotion of electric vehicles, and the impeller, and the endurance anxiety allows consumers to accept the advantages of electric vehicles in power, driving feelings.

The consumer of Arcfox is extremely fox alpha s, or will be protected.

In terms of battery life, ArcFox polar fox alpha s endurance has 708km long, the power battery capacity reaches 93.6 kWh, and the energy density ratio is up to 194WH / kg. 10 minutes filled into the 197 km, which is a 750V lightning second charge in the ArcFox conference, and the charging speed implemented on the existing national standard charging pile.

If adding 5 minutes, 15 minutes, ArcFox can charge from 30% SOC to 80% SOC, about 300 kilometers of battery life.

Selling charging with a cup of coffee is the concept of Arcfox. At the technical level, it is benefited from highlighting.

One, the power battery has adopted a high-voltage power platform, a 750V voltage platform. In the same charge current, the charging speed is twice the existing 400V platform.

Another point is the ultra-speed liquid cooling technology used in Arcfox, which can reach the circulating flow rate of 20 L of coolant per minute.

Not only the battery capacity is large, the charging is fast, on the basis of ensuring the mileage, the Arcfox extreme fox Alpha S is in the distance of 0-100km / h, and it also creates a new low, only 3.5 seconds.


Deep binding Huawei

It is not difficult to see from the Arcfox Nevil Alpha S. It is not difficult to see that Arcfox has binds to Huawei depth.

Medium: Liu Yu, right: Wang Jun

At the press conference, Liu Yu, Chairman of Beiqi Blue Valley, Huawei, Huawei, the President Wang Jun, the cooperation between the two parties.

In the future development direction of electric vehicles such as intelligent, automatic driving, Arcfox Neptune is united to develop in deep research and development.

In the research and development of Arcfox Extreme Fox Alpha S, the two sides have been involved in the development process.

For the future, the person in charge of the two companies has reached a consensus and only needs to cooperate in depth.

Huawei insists on doing IOT equipment and services, ARCFOX is very good, and the division of labor is clear.

Standing in public opinion points, Huawei is a long-awaited problem, but standing in the actual level, Huawei does not make a car, what is the depth binding with car enterprises, how to make


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