BYD has developed in recent years, it is a flight, not only in various models have excellent market performance, but also its own research and development of the blade battery makes the safety of electric vehicles have improved a grade. Since 2021, BYD has launched a variety of models, Qin Plus DM-I, Song Plus DM-i and other models have been launched successfully became the best choice for many consumers. And in the upcoming 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, BYD also brought home new DM-model, Tang DM-I.

BYD Tang is the old model of listed for many years, and the appearance of the appearance has suffered a multi-year market test, and the new Tang DM-I model is not particularly obvious compared to the current DM model. In the design style, it is still used along BYD, and the SUV model is strong, so that this car looks full. Vehicle interior, large suspended liquid crystal screen with Dilink3.0 car system, more convenient for the owner’s use. At the same time, the manufacturer’s Dipilot intelligent auxiliary driving system is also most likely to mitigate the driving tired of the owner.

And what is the difference between this new year, that is, the unique feature of the DM-I model. The new Tang DM-i is equipped with a private 1.5T engine, electric motor, plus the BYD’s own phosphate blade battery, so that the overall power output of this vehicle is quite smooth. It is reported that the new car will provide 52 kilometers, 112 kilometers of pure alternating, while the fuel consumption of the vehicle is only 5.3 liters / 5.5 liters at the loss, the vehicle’s comprehensive endurance mileage is 1050 kilometers, perfectly solves the mileage of the new energy pure trainer Anxiety problem.

And counting the medium-sized SUV in the domestic auto market, there is also a good product force is just wey vv7 phev and the teeng X Phev two, and these two cars have no matter whether it is in terms of price or brand appeal. BYD Tang DM-I has an advantage, so the biggest competitor after the Tang DM-i listing should be from the joint venture brand model, then the Tang DM-I interior is excellent, the advantage of price concessions will be even more huge. It can foresee the market prospects of this BYD Tang DM-I is still very vast, which is very suitable for those who live in the city, have consumers who have absolute demand for long distances, this car is from which one is considered. Very suitable for them.

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