Weima took the lead in delivering a specific scene in the domestic market, unmanned Vehicles – W6.

Of course, this must emphasize this is a specific scene, mainly to be self-paying.

On April 16, Weima held the “Weimai Jimei 2021”. Weima Automobile founder, Chairman and CEO Shen Hui said that W6 is not futures, which is the mass production model that can be delivered this month.

This is a launching meeting that lasted for five and a half hours, and the popularity of CCTV lives, all interpretation of this model.

Shen Hui also revealed that engineers have begun a very serious, very important L5 limited scene automatic driving project, “We will implement a part of the L5-level unmanned unmanned scenes in 2022 next year.”

Weima W6 launched 5 models, the price range of 169,800-2.598 million, the renewal mileage is 520-620 km.

Overall, W6 has two major characteristics, the first is to have 5G superior force, evolving digital smart cockpit; second, it is equipped with the world’s first L4 unmanned driving AVP independent parking system.

More practical, W6 is upgraded to its L2-level auxiliary driving function, realizing traffic congestion guidance (TJP), automatic navigation auxiliary driving (NLP) and other functions.

How the reliability, stability of these functions is to be observed.


Or the most powerful force production smart cabin

The Torres after the Human Wisdom Cabin Architect 90 has been explained in detail in the smart cockpit of Weimar W6.

Torres said that the Weima Smart Digital Cockpint is using Qualcomm Snapda Dragon Third Generation Smart Cockup SA8155 chip. The computing power of the new platform CPU and GPU is 3 times the previous generation of Qualcomm 820A, and introduced “Neural Network” processor NPU that will learn, with AI artificial intelligence deep learning ability. In addition, the number of smart digital video inputs is more than 5 roads, screen clarity and smooth interaction than the previous generation platform, comparable to the high-end smartphone.

Torres introduces the smart cockpit of W6

The smart cockpit is equipped with a UFS memory card, and the read speed is increased from the original 260M per second to 730m per second.

“That is to say, when you sit into the W6 main driving for 0.6 seconds, the camera can already identify your face, and modulate something to your most comfortable location. At this time, all accounts in the car are all information. Synchronize through your account. This identified action is 1.16 seconds in iPhone X, which is nearly twice as slow than W6. Then when you perform voice interaction, you can respond to users in 0.5 seconds. Torres explains.

To verify, Torres personally gets on the test, within 3 seconds, W6 successfully completed 5 instructions.


L4 AVP autonomous parking system

Weima W6 is equipped with an AVP unmanned parking system, with HAVP (autonomous learning parking) applies to residential, company and other fixed parking space scenes, and vehicles can only find trip, and users can use Weima Zhi. You can “call it,”

Driverless function under specific scenes

PAVP (high-precision map) is applicable to large shopping malls, office buildings, etc.

Weima said that the PAVP function will be pushed to the user through OTA upgrades during the year.

Weima W6 has also fully upgraded a full-featured L2 intelligent auxiliary system for China’s road conditions, and is equipped with a new Living Pilot 3.0 intelligence auxiliary system that provides 20 driving assistance configurations. Added lever (ALC), traffic congestion guidance (TJP), automatic navigation auxiliary driving (NLP), front walking warning (FCTA), rear through the Walking Walking (RCTA), the rear Walking Brand (RCTB), open the door Practical features such as warning (DOW), remote control parking (RPA), so that vehicles become safe and free of travel space.

Shen Hui introduces the smart driving assistance function of W6

Whether it is a unmanned driving system of a particular scene, or a practical advanced auxiliary driving system, all inseparable from powerful support from powerful hardware. Weima W6 is equipped with systematic electronic mechanical components to ensure accurate execution of decision-making action. Step by step: The new generation of steering motors can quickly respond to steering wheel steering, so that the vehicle is accurately driving on recorded routes; high-efficiency integrated motors bring more powerful Dynamic output, conversion efficiency is as high as 95%; I-BOOSTER + BOS 9.3 ESP has a resolution of a fast-moving millisecond control reaction, and realizes an instant stopped braking effect.

In terms of sensors, 5 77 GHz millimeter waves, 2 HD front elevated cameras, 4 HD comic cameras, 12 ultrasonic radar efficiently, ensuring smooth operation of various driving assistance configurations.


Digital electronic electrical architecture

To do this, Weima requires an advanced underlying architecture, ie the digital electronics architecture.

Torres said that Weizhi uses SOA digital electrical architecture and OS operating system, and has a vehicle OTA capability, supporting the Living Pilot Identification System and LivingMate’s entire car interactive system, support user customization. Of course, users here are not only owners, but also developers of car enthusiasts and car applications. Torres explains that Living Pilot and Living Mate are equivalent to people’s left and right brains, which can call Weim OS to provide standardized services, OS through the service-based communication layer, all the capabilities of the car, including power, body, heat management, chassis Wait.

Torres has given an example, such as the function of Weima’s live broadcast, is based on the SOA architecture, which is created by the hardware for the service recorder, the OS call image record, and then transmits the image to the image. “We didn’t add any hardware, it was very fast to launch the user’s favorite car Live live broadcast function.”

Torres said that there is still a lot of features, and Weima W6 has opened 25 capabilities, which can over 200 functions, more than 600 features.

Of course, due to the use of the SOA architecture, Weima only needs to upgrade the app on the OS, so that the entire car OTA is completed, which greatly reduces the coupling of the upgrade while improving the upgrade. speed.

Torres special instructions, W6 set a special backup area, the package will first enter the backup area, determine the complete download of the new firmware, the function brush, very few OTA failure, reduce the failure probability to 1/100000 (100,000] First), do not need to be special parking download, driving over and over again. Some software switches can be completed in 1 second.

Car Ethernet transmission, you can quickly download firmware, and pass the domain control strategy, the fastest upgrade is only 5 minutes, even 900MB of AVP unmanned parking module, only 10 minutes.


Stick to automatically driving two legs

Shen Hui emphasized that L2 and L4 automatic driving is from the automatic driving strategy that he has developed to Weima.

Shen Hui said that the automatic driving strategy of Wema is two legs.

First, put the L2 is solid. Shen Hui emphasizes that the function of the car L2 must make users confidence, otherwise there is no confidence that users will not go with L4, L5 products.

Therefore, Shen Hui emphasized that L2 must be powerful, stable technology, convenient integration.

In interaction, Shen Hui believes that Weimabitzla, etc., “People still have to focus on driving, no matter which type of L2 entry exits, it is the most complete use of voice control. “

Second, Weima’s L4 is also launching, “L4 is a limited scene, and then continuously increases the scene.”

Shen Hui said that these two roads are the unmanned driving strategy of Weima, especially to make a mass production product, and will make users enjoy the convenience of unmanned driving. Not a simple demonstration modification show.


Full stack of self-research is not equal to the whole industry chain

Shen Hui believes that the car enterprise must be self-research in the whole industry chain.

In Shen Hui, the car is a hundred years of old industries, although the smart electric car jumps out of the original engine gearbox. However, there are also many technologies accumulated in the entire value chain, which is very useful for intelligent electric vehicles. So I can’t wait to engage in the industrial chain self-research is an idealist.

“For example, very simple control, after a lot of data, after tens of millions of tests can be done. Especially when the machine is controlled, it is often more difficult to control.” Shen Hui said.

Therefore, Shen Hui believes that all new forces are in such a short period of time, not to mention the chip cells involving the tip, the perceived algorithm, etc. “Therefore, Weima’s strategy is very Simple, it is to make the ecological partner, so that the products of drivatic L4, L5 can be safe and reliable, the quality is stable, the experience is excellent, the cost is reasonable, and it is possible to deliver. “

Shen Hui said that at present, whether it is a motor, battery, electric control, and smart cockpit hardware and software, or unmanned hardware and software, algorithm, China’s partner has standed up, “We don’t need to exchange technology through joint ventures There are already many domestic fashion cards with core technology together. “

In addition, Shen Hui revealed that in the second half of 2021, Weima opened the car strategy, and there will be 2 new products ready to go.

2021 is a full-scale speed of the Weima car strategy. Shen Hui said that “Weima will serve more mainstream users with a richer product line, let them use it, you can use it.”


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