BYD has grilled in recent years, and there are good news in the car market and stock market. Especially the stock market, last year BYD share price has been innovated, and one of the most investment value of the most investment value in the country. Of course, it is believed that more rational will pay attention to BYD’s product trends than buying stocks.

Today, BYD Qin Plus DM-I Super Mixed National Tour Welcome to Chengdu Station, Qin Plus DM-I has released four models, and the subsidies were priced at 10.58 million yuan to 145,800 yuan. Qin PLUS DM-I is equipped with 1.5L high-efficiency engine + EHS electric mixing system + DM-I super mixed special power blade battery power combination, create a “electricity-based” mixing technology The loss of loss can be as low as 100 kilometers of 3.8L; Qin PLUS DM-I all models are more than 7 seconds.

Review the new model of this adopted new technology, in the Guangzhou Auto Show, the launch of DM-I super mixing technology, many people began questioning BYD’s “reverse car”, why do you want to have a new energy car? Lower a hybrid engine? This mystery continued until 2021, BYD Qin Plus DM-I, we finally unveiled the mystery of this engine.

In fact, it is not difficult to see that in the environment where the pure electric car market is more, the shortcomings and defects of electric vehicles are getting more and more obvious. At this time, if there is a lower hybrid transition product as a regulation, I believe There will be more people to give up the options for gasoline vehicles, and thus consider new energy models. BYD launched Qin PLUS DM-I may be due to this purpose.

From the data from major mainstream media, the minimum fuel consumption of Qin Plus DM-I is 2.58L / 100km. This data is placed in Toyota and Honda’s hybrid car. It is very outstanding. The mixed system of BYD is not a political parallel strategy, but the driving strategy of the electric drive, with a blade battery as an output, the thermal efficiency of the entire power is 43.04%, and the latest compliance engine is 43% from Mazda. High, it also proves the strength of this mixing system.

Of course, many people still want to see BYD’s DM-I and Toyota THS, Honda’s I-MMD is higher. In fact, from the advancement of technology, BYD’s DM-I system will be more better, but will not be optimistic about reliability, after all, Toyota and Honda’s mixing has many years of technology precipitation, and its quality word of mouth is not Combo.

to sum up:

The topic of the contrast, and more, Qin Plus DM-i, more is to change our awareness of the PHEV model, thoroughly distinguish between the technical level, and accelerate the transition of the gasoline car to the new energy vehicle. I believe that the emergence of Qin Plus DM-I can also achieve the role of industry winds, leading more car companies to think and transform, so as the end of the mixed market, Qin Plus DM-I is more true .

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