Euler’s brand since the birth of the target group, the potential target group is the young people who have a young person, with a high color value and exquisite interior, and the many cars under Eura have very good. Sales. Ou sells more than 30,000 units in a quarter of this year, an increase of 1035% year-on-year, and one of the indicators is particularly worthwhile. Euler’s consumers in March, women consumers account for 70%.

Counting Euler in the whole network, it is quite successful, repeatedly boarding the microblogging: In February, Euler jointly launched a Call activity for young women; in March, Ou launched a new Vehicle coloring Moradi, while introducing a lottery gift box with emerging brands, INSBAHA, winning the hearts of many female users; or in March, Eula is clearly playing the banner, to do the favorite woman’s car brand … Euler’s series of operations, so that this car brand is not only widened in male consumers, but also in the female consumer group to create a good reputation.

Not only that, but Ella also highlights the markers for women exclusively, and the vehicle is particularly increased by the storage box of objects such as cosmetic bags, high-heeled shoes, and more convenient for female owners driving. At the same time, 360 panoramic images, automatic open trunk covers, automatic parking, etc. to improve driving safety, can be said to be very intimate.

So do you think about this? The auto market has always been dominated by male consumers. Whether it is mechanical parameters or 100 km acceleration, these boring data and black and white monotonic color matching make women consumers unintended. What is even more helpless is that many female drivers are driving on the road, and they will be worn as a colored glasses and think that the driver’s driving technology is not secure. With the rise of women’s “her economy”, women have gradually realized consumption in various fields. Even the actual automotive industry in the previous male, 2020 female drivers increased higher than 2019. 10.4 percentage points. So, in this regard, Euler is accurate, and the excellent appearance of the interior will add more integrated light because of its excellent market positioning.

In the Shanghai Auto Show in short ago, the Phase Il will launch the first pure electric super-run model, Ou Lam lightning cat, and according to the spy photos, this car will believe that a large number of fans will be harvested.

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