Recently, another pure electric mini car is about to open pre-sale, the new car pre-sale price will provide three battery selection, in the design, cool Mitsubaulu Miniev, reference pre-sale price, two The model is also in the same price range, and even the price of Lei Ding Mango will be more close. For the conference of this new car, Leish Mango also played the slogan of Cai Ling, and invited Huang Xiaoming to teach the main endorsement, apparently targeting a group of consumers positioned with Wuling Hong Kong MINI EV.

From the previous Ding Mang fruit car map, the new car biased toward the cartoon and electrical style in the front face, and the through the day-to-day driving light was full and full of lague, after canceling the NT design, The grill uses three-stage shape, which looks more q version, and there is no feeling of most mini-vehicle brought consumers.

From the side of the body side, Leish Mango adopted two-color body design. The roof used a bright black with a light blue, bringing a feeling of Macaron, and the closed hub of the style of style made this car. Cute. At the end of the car, the taillights in both sides are separated, the shape is more different, and the middle is run through the black shining plate, and the letter identification of Leining is highlighted.

As a pure electric vehicle type, Leish Mango naturally also canceled the setting of the exhaust port, so that the new energy identity of this car is more conspicuous. In terms of body size, the long-width height of Leining Mango is 3622mm * 1607mm * 1525mm, the wheelbase is 2442mm, and the Mitsubaramine MINI EV is clearly has a better space advantage.

In the interior design, Although the price of the prices of Lei Ding Mango, the configuration is not well. It is the two suspended screens, one is a dashboard, which is a medium-sized screen, which has risen straight in the car. The steering wheel design uses a more common double design in the joint venture. The silver-plated chrome trim is decorated, more changing, with a knob shift mechanism, so that the driverner has a more convenient sense of manipulation. In addition, the two-color interior matching also makes the car more young, more in line with the preferences of young consumers.

In motion, Leish Mango is equipped with lithium iron phosphate power cells, which will provide three battery selection, 130km, 185km, and 300km, divided into four different configurations, including Live Anti-Mang, Le Mang Yue Edition , Fun and Zhihang models. Among them, the top-forming model will be equipped with a maximum power of 35kW permanent magnet synchronous motor, the maximum torque 125N · m, and other models mounted a maximum power 25kW, a permanent magnet synchronous motor of peak torque 105n · m.

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