On April 14, Xiaopeng’s third car – Xiaopeng P5 was officially released.

The biggest highlight of this car is to carry laser radar, and the XPilot 3.5 auxiliary driving system is brought about “City NGP” function.

The so-called urban NGP can be understood as based on navigation, can be automatically driving in some urban scenes, such as “human cars and no protection left” function, and “speech changes” can also be implemented.

Xiaopeng P5 will realize the city NGP, plus Xiaopeng has achieved high-speed NGP, NGP scenes are gradually rich, and the automatic driving of L3 is not far away.


“The world’s first mass laser radar smart car”

In 2021, it was a “getting the car” in the first year of laser radar.

This year, a lot of car brands such as the great fox, R car, Great Wall, and Eu will bring the automatic driving lot of the laser radar, and many of them claim that they are “the world’s first”.

Today, Xiaopeng also released a laser radar quantity car, known as the world’s first mass laser radar smart car.

The so-called laser radar is a shorter wavelength, in terms of measuring precision, 3D reduction, etc. More advantageous, close to the effect of visual construction.

In general, most people believe that the laser radar is required to achieve higher levels of automatic driving.

The laser radar used by Xiaopeng P5 fifthly up to 150m, and the spatial resolution is high.

Xiaopeng P5 double laser radar combination provides 150 ° super-width cloud vision in front of the vehicle, targeting Chinese characteristics, automatic navigation assist driving (NGP) under some urban road conditions.

Laser radar has been difficult to mass production, and difficult is in the car level and price. This laser radar is specially developed by Xiaopeng Automotive to Daxing Shu Technology Livox. From the information previously released from Vewovo, the product is a mixed solid state laser radar.

Conventional mechanical laser radar needs to be rotated to scan the surrounding environment and difficult to achieve the durability and reliability of the model. And Only, the electronic components of the light source are fixed, and the front is scanned through the rotation of the mirror. Of course, the angle of rotation is limited, and it can be scanned 360 degrees like mechanical type.

The price of laser radar of visitors also achieved significant decline. Previously, in the Daxin Mall, I can buy Like Horizon laser radar and priced at 6499 yuan. Another long range of Livox Thaila TELE-15, the price is 8999 yuan.

LAIVOX HORIZON laser radar page on Datang Mall


Realize city NGP

Compared with Xiaopeng P7, P5 is characterized by expanding NGP under urban road conditions.

Xiaopeng NGP (Navigation Guided Pilot), “Automatic Navigation Assist Driving”, is the auxiliary driving feature implemented by Xiaopeng XPilot 3.0 system combined with the navigation path, which is understood to be a high-order auxiliary driving system based on high-precision map.

In simple, NGP sets the navigation route through the driver, and the vehicle can realize the automatic navigation from the A point to B, which is still driving the body, but in fact, many movements are completed by NGP. Previously, Xiaopeng has already achieved NGP of the highway.

With laser radar, Xiaopeng P5 is also advanced towards the city road NGP.

The deputy president of Xiaopeng said that P5 captures the vehicle plug in urban working conditions, identifies the driving range, identifies the difficulty of the small target object, identifies the difficulties that may encounter in urban areas such as in the region, cover more black night, weak light , Reverse light, tunnel shading and other difficult scenes, improve safety redundancy, more suitable for China complex road conditions.

In order to achieve this effect, P5 has a effort in the hardware and software, which uses XPilot 3.5 automatic driving assistance system, combines 13 high-definition camera, 5 millimeter-wave radar, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 2 car regulations laser radar 32 sensors and 1 set of high-precision positioning units (GNSS + IMU), 360 ° double fusement perception of visual + radar.

Compare the boutique Tesla Model3, the number of p5 sensors is 10; the camera pixel reaches 2 million, far more than 1.2 million in Model3, and the accuracy is greatly improved. Of course, the most important, there is still a laser radar.


Create a 23-hour smart third space

Intelligent, not just smart driving.

Liao Qinghong, Vice President of Xiaopeng Auto Sales, said P5 is committed to building “23-hour smart third space”, “In addition to sports and bath, in the remaining 23 hours, as long as there is a need, it can meet your Three spaces, so a high demand for the comfort of the vehicle. “

To do this, comfort is better. Xiaopeng P5 car length 4808mm, axial distance 2768mm, the interior space reached the mainstream B-class car level. At the same time, P5 is designed with a star track cabinet, 1.493m2 permeable panoramic skylight glass car top, light-transmitting area up to 0.63m2, so that zero pressure in the cabin. It is equipped with the front seats to be designed to take out the headrest to take a rest.

Xiaopeng P5 sleep mode

Xiaopeng P5 can also achieve sleep mode, theater mode, etc. This is due to the latest XMART OS 3.0 system with P5, the same level is unique to “full-time vehicle system”, all interface functions can be straight. Support continuous dialogue, semantic interruption, semantic rejection, dual tone area voice recognition, and better meet the needs of human-computer interaction.

At this point, Xiaopeng P5 used Qualcomm Snapdragon SA8155P car grade chips that were first equipped with the same level, and the force increased more than 3 times higher than the previous generation, supporting powerful car mobile interconnection and communication capabilities. With 128GB of storage space, 12GB ultra-high shipping, human-machine interaction experience is more smooth.

P5 is also equipped with a new multi-Bluetooth positioning key. Xiaopeng said that its Bluetooth key unlocked success rate is 99.99999999%, which is to unlock 100 million, and it is possible to fail.

In addition, Xiaopeng P5 adds more external hardware to use the scene, which can directly control the outer drone through voice, extends from the car to the car, and achieve a seamless connection of multi-space.

However, for prices, listing time, etc., this conference did not give an answer, which may be released at the next Shanghai Auto Show, and also revealed that there will be mysterious new products.


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