On April 12, the Teahouse in December of Hangzhou Suburbs.

Outside the window, the rain is fluttering, and the myskeep of tea in the Yuan Mai Tea Garden is raining tea.

In the window, the vice president of Geely Group, Lin Jie smiled, and cooked tea with a small batch of media.

Lin Jie still has an identity: a hand of the geometric car. The problems and suggestions of the live media and suggestions are hit by him, such as the rain of the window, and Lin Jie answers listened, and the attitude is sincere.

Jilly Group Vice President Lin Jie and Media Talk

At the communication meeting, the relationship between Geely’s strategy, geometric and extreme, how to develop, etc., the most media attention. Lin Jie’s answer, the key information is as follows:

Geely is determined to save energy and emission reduction without doubt, and layout over mixed, inserted, replacing fuel and pure electric 4 technical routes.

Geely brand and packet brands will focus on mixing, pulling, alternative fuel technology routes, geometric brands and tensile brands will focus on pure circuit.

Geometry belongs to the pure electric brand of Geely Automobile Group, focusing on 10-..2 million high-end pure electric private markets; he is the independent brand, focusing on the high-end luxury performance market of more than 200,000, the two independently developed, the possibility of the mergence in the future .

Future Geometry products will cover micro-large-scale models, and will also develop production based on vast architecture, including A00 models, mainstream cars and SUVs, and comprehensively remove mainstream private user markets.

Geometric cars drive internal organizational changes, break the wall, and build users-centered, based on products and services, shape reputation.


Renovate user-centered

On April 11, 2019, the geometric cars officially shocked in Singapore.

Lin Jie said: “Today, the geometry is just the 2nd anniversary, and the geometric performance in 2 years is not very satisfactory. We have also made a lot of reflections and actions within our inside. First, it is still to stick to it, then continue to make the car. Second, it is to break the wall, truly establish a user-centered organizational structure and management mechanism; then establish new marketing and channel models. “

Specifically, the geometric cars still start with the actual demand of the mass group, which makes the new energy vehicle that meets the needs of users, the product layout is in the 10-2 million price range, the target consumer group is the first, second-tier cities in the high-quality new middle production.

The slogan “Centered” is not just air, and the original organizational structure has broken the original organizational structure, and the user operation center, the User Development Center and the Product Planning Center are set up. The purpose is to quickly convey the user opinions and land.

Several functions are:

Establish a user operation center, responsible for the channel planning development and product marketing management of geometric personal markets.

Established the User Development Center, responsible for geometric brand planning, brand marketing IP to create work with users’ full life cycle strategy and activities.

Established a product planning center, responsible for the new ecological promotion of pure electric market research and pure electric products and the planning, definition, pricing, etc. of new products.

In the marketing and channel, the biggest change is to send the “Urban Operation Manager” to TOP20 City, which is responsible for the work of urban product marketing, user experience, and the assessment of it is user satisfaction.

In the next product plan, the geometry will cover micro-large-scale models, and will be based on the vast architecture, including A00 models, mainstream sedan and SUV, comprehensively cut into the mainstream private user market.

This Shanghai Auto Show will release geometric A Pro, will have a new car next year, a new car with a vast platform will be launched in the future.


New geometric a pro upgrade

The brand slogan of the geometry is “true, real safety, really reliable”, now, this “true” word will continue to implement.

Take the new geometry A Pro as an example, the first time equipped with a nickel 55 new NCM523 battery, with a high-density of the same level of 183WH / kg, and its high-distribution version is equipped with a 70KWH battery pack, and the NEDC reference endurance has increased to 600km.

At the same time, geometric a pro continues to carry SEM intelligent energy management system, original SOC battery algorithm, combine VCU vehicle controller and BMS battery management system, and realize the remaining battery life and actual life-end accuracy based on big data and driving habits. 100%, do the more and more open.

Geometric A Pro also upgrades the use of high-efficiency three-in-one electric drive system, wherein the peak power of the motor reaches 150 kW. The system has high efficiency high and the volume is reduced by 20%.

The geometric A Pro has been equipped with the Bosch Ibooster brake system, with a hundred kilometers of brake distances of 37.1m, while using the brake energy recovery efficiency close to 100%, about 30% of the running process from energy recovery. The car also used the Lutz generic exclusive chassis to teach, the low speed turned to light, high speed turning to calm, and taking into account the comfort and driving pleasure.

Geometric A Pro also equipped with HUD headers, 540 ° Ar chassis perspective, Bosch 9.3 driving assistance system, intelligent parking APA assist system, EPS electric power steering and other smart driving assistance functions.

In terms of security development, geometric cars are jointly created by the development team of CMA Super Mysteria and SEA Hout (Intelligent Evolution Experience), using dual-circuit FPC hardware thermal out-of control testing programs to ensure timely and reliable thermal out-of control diagnosis.

In addition, in terms of BMS warning, battery “primary passive safety system”, etc., through multiple redundant protection, avoiding accidents.

In addition to performance and security, geometric A Pro appearance and interior have also been upgraded.

Appearance, geometric A Pro uses a black car top with a two-color design of the silver body, and the front headlight and the tail penetration strip have adopted a smoked design.

In the interior, the seat material is upgraded to suede surface to supplement the texture design, and the seat has been treated with waterproof, anti-fouling, oil-proof coating technology, and has the characteristics of the pollution-resistant. It is also equipped with a sports antibacterial steering wheel, which can effectively inhibit bacterial growth and reproduction and activity.

At present, the geometric a pro will only publish a pre-sale price, the 250,000 version of the battery life, and the 600km battery life will be announced, and the final price will be announced in the Shanghai Auto Show.

Upgrading so much visible and invisible, pre-sale price is not rising than geometry A, and real selling prices may be more active.

Lin Jie, vice president of the group personally brought the team, and the geometry begins some different. It seems to have returned to 2 years ago, a new geometry, starting.


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