Mini electric car market, great trend, competition intensified.

35%, is the latest market share of A00 electric vehicles.

The number of hazards shows that from January to March 2021, China’s new energy passenger car has an increase of 407,000 units, an increase of nearly 3 times a year-on-year. Among them, A00-level models have a total of 144,000 vehicles, accounting for 35% of the total, and last year, this ratio is only 15%, and the A00 market share in 2020 is only 26%.

Source: number of people

The A00-level electric vehicle is good, which is reflected in this level model in the private electric vehicle market, and is also reflected in, many major new energy passenger car companies. Current sales growth products are focused on the A00-level electric vehicle field. Such as Wuli, Great Wall, Chery, Zero Run, etc.

At the same time in the market, the competition of the A00-level electric vehicle is also intensive.

On the one hand, with the advantage of the macro Mini EV, the dominant position of Wuling in the micro electric vehicle market is still difficult. On the other hand, the A00-level pure electric sales of the Great Wall Euler brand grows rapidly, and it is not small. Chang’an Benben E-Star National Edition, Lingbao Coco, etc. Soon, it is also aimed at this level market.

At the beginning of the new energy car subsidy, the sales of severely frustrated micro-pure electric, once again showed an infinite vitality.


A00 resets the crown,

Wuli, Great Wall, SAIC

In March 2021, China’s new energy passenger car was 165,700, an increase of 2.4 times a year-on-year. From January to March, the new energy passenger car accumulated 407,000 units, an increase of nearly 3 times year-on-year, and the sales market continued to be good.

Source: number of people

Compared with the overall market of new energy passengers, private pure electric markets are more strong.

In March, China’s private pure electric passenger car is 124,000 units, an increase of approximately 3 times a year, and miniature pure electric is still the main factor in private markets. From the 1st – March private pure electric passenger car insurance TOP20 model, 11 is mini-pure electric, and the most sales is still a Mitsubishuang MINI EV.

Source: Number of hazards (orange marked as a00 level pure electric)

In addition to the Wuli, the micro pure electric market is strong, it also benefits many mainstream new energy passengers.

Source: number of people

From the 1st – March of the TOP10 car enterprise, Wuling, Great Wall, ShangAqi passenger car, Chery Automobile and Changan Auto, the sales champion model of five car enterprises are miniature electric.

Take the Great Wall as an example, January-March, Great Wall New Energy Passenger Vehicle has accumulated 27,000, of which A00 class Eu R1 (black cat) and R2 (white cat) have a danger of 18,000 and 5,000 Take 83% of the total number of countries in the Great Wall.

Source: number of people

Another company, ShangAqi passenger car launched the first miniature pure electric Roewe Clever last year, has maintained a good results. From January to March this year, the car has a total of 5,756 vehicles, which exceeds the SAIC’s traditional main model Roewe EI5, which has become the best model for SAIC sales. In 2021, Clever is still one of the key models of SAIC.

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Macro Mini EV,

A lower price car appeared

Miniature pure electric, especially the hot sale of macro Mini EV, let more car companies join this market competition.

Source: number of people

Before the New Year’s Day in 2021, Changan Benben E-Star National Edition opened pre-sale, battery life more than 300 kilometers, limited price of only 29,800 yuan, clearly targeting the low price of Hong Kong MINI EV.

From January to March this year, Changan Ben Electric vehicle has a total of more than 10,000, accounting for 84% of the total sales volume of New Energy Passenger Vehicle in the same period of Chang’an.

Source: number of people

There is also more prices lower people.

On April 12, Lingbao Motor launched 2 miniature pure electric, where Lingbao COCO was 26,800 yuan and 31800 yuan, and the minimum price of miniature electric cars from Hong Kong MINI EV was directly refreshed. Whether this new car can have a highlights in the micro-pure electric vehicle market in the cloud, it is worthy of attention.

Lingbao Coco

At present, many car companies are considering the production and Mitsubishi and Eura brand-target micro-electric vehicles – do not subsidize models, life decline, and prices. According to “Electric Car Observer”, in addition to Changan and Lingbao, many car companies are also ready to launch a pure electric scheduling model below 40,000 yuan.

The Wars of the A00 electric vehicle have just begun.


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