“The world’s first mass laser radar smart car”, this is the slogan called P5 as P5.

Tonight (April 14), Xiaopeng P5 was released, and this car was equipped with the Laser Radar HAP of the Dawang Livox, and it was equipped with two.

With laser radar, Xiaopeng will also advance XPliot to version 3.5 on P5. On this release, Xiaopeng will open the function of urban road NGP.

Since P5 will be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year, this will enable P5 probability to be able to deliver a smart electric vehicle with laser radar in the card.

At this conference, Xiaopeng said briefly revealed that the price of P5 will be around 200,000 yuan, but the specific price will be announced at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The integrated model is positioned, the price range, etc., P5 is obviously more close than P7, and there is a lot of highlights compared to P7 direct competitors Model 3, P5.

At present, the appearance of P5 is mixed, and P5 is in the air space design. In the automatic driving, with the laser radar, the city road automatic driving may become a long plate of P5 Run.

Wu Xinzhou, a Vice President of Xiaopeng Automobile, said that Xpilot’s goal will always become the world’s first and P5 will become a trip stone in this sentence.

1, P5 is coming: Space and automatic driving are super large cups

P5 belongs to a compact sedan, this model code D55, is from the David platform as Xiaopeng G3.

But it is very different from G3 that Xiaopeng team is designed from “release more car space” at the perspective of “release more car”.

P5 car length 4808mm, axial distance 2768mm, and then 167mm in the latching space.

In contrast, Tesla Model 3 has a long car length of 4694mm, a wheelbase of 2875mm, and a latching space 36mm.

In other words, P5 has made greatly optimized in the rear space.

In terms of design, P5 roughly continues the design language of P7. It is not as fine in some details, but it has been improved in terms of integrated front face headlights, such as the “X-raw sword” headlight of the front face, is Extension of Xiaopeng Car LOGO.

The newly added two laser radar is located below the left and right headlights.

This mounting location is different from the design of the predominant ET7 and the SAIC R ES33. It is also to release the head space of the driving passengers to release the laser radar in the lower part of the vehicle.

Zhao Li, chief designer of Xiaopeng, explained that this design reduced wind resistance while increasing the head space.

And he also believes that the characteristics of laser radar are characterized by the same as the grill, etc., as a very important brand element.

P5 also designs through the front seats, customized air mattresses, privacy curtains, etc., turning this car into a complete “mobile space”.

The interior of the P5 is “super large cup”.

On the automatic driving, P5 is also very bright.

On the road leading to the high-level automatic driving, Xiaopeng and the awareness, the ideal three this consistent stationed in Tesla’s opposite, resolutely use laser radar as a perceived redundancy.

蔚 来 ET7 has published laser radar equipped with Innovusion, and ideal X01 also clearly indicates that laser radar will be used.

P5 Select the Laser Level Laser Radar, which is customized in Daxing, which makes Xiaopeng’s NGP from the closed highway section to enter the more complex urban road.

Here, the intelligent experience provided by Xiaopeng can also be summarized as two points:

The first step is to create a sufficiently comfortable car;

In the second step, liberate your hands. After liberating the time, I will give it to the owner to play freely.

2, laser radar is big, what is the characteristics of P5?

The P5 name is the world’s first mass laser radar smart car.

This slogan directly ignored the Audi A8, which was mass-produced in 2018.

Previously, the ET7 that was released but not listed, the SAIC R brand also released the pure electric car ES33, as well as the intelligent electric vehicle alpha S.

However, from the mass production delivery schedule, Xiaopeng has a certain reason: obviously Xiaopeng did not include A8 into the scope of smart cars.

As for ET7 and ES33, it is necessary to deliver in 2022, and the Alpha S of the North Automotive Fox is said to be delivered in the first quarter of 2022.

Xiaopeng is extremely likely to achieve the first place to make a mass production car in the laser radar to the user.

On P7, Xiaopeng is proud of powerful automatic driving hardware architecture.

P5 This car can still be called the strongest automatic driving hardware architecture.

This car is equipped with XPilot 3.5 automatic driving assistance system, the whole car is equipped:

13 HD cameras

5 millimeter waverada

12 ultrasonic sensors

2 car regulation laser radar

A total of 32 sensors, and there are 1 set of high-precision positioning units (GNSS + IMU), and high precision maps.

With the help of these two laser radar, the scope of application of Xiaopeng Auto NGP will expand from the highway to the city road.

According to Xiaopeng Automobile, P5 automatic driving scheme:

According to the navigation route, the auxiliary driver can perform the driving task

With traffic light recognition, straight, right turn and unprotected left turn

Have urban road overtaking ability

Customize the ability

Huanji traffic capacity

Dynamic automatic speed limit adjustment according to ground / road conditions

The Wu Xinzhou said at the press conference that a standard that measures the urban NGP has a good standard, it is possible to handle the non-protected left turn of a good person.

From Xiaopeng’s published laser radar propaganda film and the installation location of laser radar on P5, we guess that LIVOX’s laser radar is mainly dealing with the peers to deal with the peers, especially those perceived by pedestrians.

In the close-range scene, because the pedestrians will show a variety of strange strange shapes in the picture, and the laser radar is guaranteed is critical.

The Innovusion laser radar adopted by the 蔚 来 ET7 and the Laminar IRIS laser radar used in the SAIC R car, and the laser radar selected by P5 is very different.

Make a simple lateral contrast.

Xiaopeng P5 is equipped with two LIVOX’s first car grade laser radar HAP.

HAP can achieve a detection distance of the low reflectance object (@ 10%) can reach 150 meters, the horizontal field of view can reach 120 degrees, the angular resolution is as high as 0.16 ° * 0.2 °, point cloud density is equivalent to 144-wire laser radar.

蔚 来 ET7 is equipped with an Innovusion laser radar, using a 1500-nanometer laser source, a horizontal angle of view of 120 °, the farthest detection distance is 500 meters, the resolution is 0.06 degrees x 0.06 degrees, equivalent 300 lines.

The SAIC R ES33 is equipped with a Luminar IRIS with a 1550 nanometer laser source, and the farthest detection distance is 500 meters, and the lateral object of the reflectance is less than 10% can reach 250 meters. The horizontal field of view is 120 °, the point cloud density is equivalent to more than 300 lines. The rough contrast found that Xiaopeng P5 laser radar is more than t 来 ET7 in the farthest detection distance, and the SAIC R ES33 is short, and the accuracy will be lower.

Relatively, the laser radar of Innovusion and Luminar has a 1550 nm laser emitter, so the detected distance is longer and the signal-to-noise ratio is higher.

The LIVOX laser radar selected by P5 uses the principle of non-repeated scanning, and this principle reduces the number of laser transmitters and reduces the cost of laser radar.

This is also one of the reasons why Xiaopeng selection LIVOX on the P5 positioned model.

In short, 蔚 来, r car, Xiaopeng and the upcoming Beiqi-Huawei cooperative model HBT, although there is a laser radar, because the model is different, the role played in the laser radar is also different.

Which laser radar car is strong?

We finally look at the actual road test experience, especially the experience of automatic driving in urban environment.

3, Xiaopeng’s next cash cow? Can P5 sell?

The P5 internal code D55 is Xiaopeng’s third quantitative car.

G3 is the high end of the high end of the test water, P7 positioning, and takes P5.

After P5, Xiaope’s next model code E38, with P7 platform, is a medium SUV.

At present, in several heads of the car, it has been launched ES8, ES6, EC6 three quantification models, and the fourth quantity branch ET7 will also be delivered in the first quarter of 2022.

Ideal is currently only a quantitative model one, but since 2022, ideal will launch at least two models per year.

In this context, Xiaopeng is also grinding more product lines.

At present, P5 is in space, automatic driving is a super large cup, which is a very high price-priced mass production car.

This is reflected in except for laser radar, P5 is also equipped with Qualcomm Snapdron SA8155P car grade chip, NEDC’s life 600 kilometers, which will make P5 in a smart cockpit, and three electric performance.

It is said that Xiaopeng Automobile has proposed this year’s sales goal to impact 100,000 units.

In 2020, Xiaopeng’s annual sales is more than 20,000.

Xiaopeng wants to achieve this sales, P5 will bear an important role.

After carrying the laser radar, automatically drive on the new steps, continue to lead the automatic driving function, people who want to try early, will buy P5.

More than 200,000 yuan will enter the main battlefield of domestic independent brand and joint venture brand fuel truck.

As P5 releases, Xiaopeng’s XPilot entered the next stage.

Can P5 can lead Xiaopeng to enter a new era?

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