After the publication of the Volkswagen ID series, Toyota’s new pure electric car finally had to be officially unveiled. The stage is this Shanghai International Auto Show.

Toyota and Lexus double brands will exhibit the first new pure electric car concept model, and is the world’s first. Our documents from Toyota, Toyota brand’s pure tram type will be named “BZ”, similar to the public ID series models.

We also see this new pure electric car more news from Toyota official documents, including the model “BZ”, will represent “Beyone Zero”, Toyota has a homonym, and interesting translation, called “other freedom” It means that this will not be an ordinary electric car.

It can also be seen that Toyota pays attention to the Chinese market. It is not only an oral talking. In addition to the new model, FAW Toyota and Guangqi Toyota allocated two factories, which will be officially put into operation in 2022.

Previously, Toyota announced a phase goal of 5.5 million electric vehicles in 2025, including more than 4.5 million oil and electricity mixing and plug-in mixing models, more than 1 million pure electric and hydrogen fuel cells, pure electric vehicle models. More than 10 will be more than 10.

Before the release of Toyota’s new pure electric model, Toyota has launched a large-scale capacity expansion in the Chinese market. Nort-north Toyota will implement millions of production capacity planning in 2022, while Senna, Harrier, Carolla SUV, etc. will all Introduce domestic.

In addition to the C-HR EV, Yuze EV and Lex 300e, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota has put into production of two pure electric vehicles IX4 and IA5 from Guangzhou Automotive, with rich experience of electric vehicles manufacturing and sales.

In Tesla, it is almost silent in the year of subverting the automotive industry, and the traditional car enterprise is almost silent. Whether it is plugging a mixing car, or a pure electric car seems to be found. In the past, unable to fight.

From the public, this number of two multinational car companies in the world uses the most radical route, launched the MEB pure electric exclusive platform, released the ID full series of concept models, including the id.3 and id.4 models have been officially launched. ID.6 is also officially unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show.

As the global market, Toyota, has the largest size of the electric motor model, whether it is an oil-electric hybrid system is sufficient to meet fuel consumption and emission standards, or see all kinds of chaos in the field of electric vehicles, Toyota in pure electric car The field has always been an attitude of a cold eye.

The fuel consumption and emission standards around the world are increasingly strict, and pure electric vehicles seem to have also ushered in the development of turning points, scale, industrial chains, and user acceptance, all have been overwhelming.

Integrate the global electric car resources, form the Japanese electric vehicle alliance, Toyota’s pure electric cars have all exceeded the official official.

Unlike the public that the full range of concept models have been released in the MEB platform, they have direct and specific models and sales planning, Toyota’s pure electric vehicles, based on E-TNGA pure electric platform, but the concept model of the first model is just debut .

Toyota returns to the world’s sales first throne, and TNGA platform architecture also allows Toyota’s new, full of endless combat, fluttering in the Chinese market to flutter in the market, so that competitors are not cold.

The pure power platform E-TNGA is still a brand new thing, but this platform will allow Toyota to quickly realize the full layout of the electric motor market, as well as BYD’s platform and technical cooperation will quickly uncover the veil.

For electric vehicles, the user is most concerned about, in addition to the power battery, is intelligent, in which the first point is especially important.

The life, safety, convenience of the power battery is the biggest obstacle to the user to buy electric vehicles, and Toyota’s lean production concept and the ultimate pursuit of quality, so that we will look for a new Toyota electric car.

At the time of the first pure electric vehicle type C-HR EV, Toyota promises the battery life and durability far beyond the standard of competitors, this is the experience accumulation of oil and electricity mixed electricity.

Although the power battery technology has a tuning of lithium iron phosphate and a three-dimensional battery route, there is a solid-state battery, a graphene battery, etc., but higher energy ratio, more efficient charging speed, is unavoidable for each battery problem.

As the world’s largest auto market, it is also the largest new energy automotive market, Toyota integrates Japan and global resources. It has achieved comprehensive cooperation with China’s Ningde Times and BYD. The former is mainly power battery technology, the latter is Covered power batteries and vehicle platforms.

Whether it is Tesla, still a new car forces such as Tsela, Xiaopeng and other Chinese new cars, or the mass car, in the process of electric vehicle production and delivery, there are various delays and quality problems.

For Toyota will announce any changes in the new electric technology, there will be any changes in the landing, and even what surprises will be sold, maybe wait until 2022 to answer one by one.

Although Toyota is secure, it is also a new thing for all the world’s global supply chain, but electric smart cars is also a new thing. For Toyota, the scale-scale pure electric car is still the first time, everything has to be truthful.

What we can determine is that Toyota pure electric cars are already on the string, and the dual-car strategy that is about to explode, and in China’s largest auto market, you can quickly improve the popularity of Toyota pure electric car. Toyota is super strong for quality control and cost control. If we are determined to buy a pure electric car, Toyota is about to be hid, and our choice may be just a choice between FAW Toyota and GAC Toyota.

From the entire market, although the Volkswagen has a absolute leader in the Chinese market, all other car companies are standing on the same running line in the field of pure electric vehicles, except Tesla.

Volkswagen’s appeal is no longer ahead of the pure electric car market, and the sales of Toyota leaps are gradually pulling high their brands.

This new era electric car battle, Toyota and the popular two giants are not allowed to make each other, maybe two tigers, the injured will be onlookers.

As Jame Li Bin said, different electric vehicles have different mission, there is a popular scale, and there is also a particular segment, I hope everyone will get nourish in their respective fields.

The electric car market has just started, full of unlimited possibilities.

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