The electric carriage Ford Mach-e released to this day, the word of foreign abroad has been good. In the first quarter of the past, it also won the 4th place in the best-selling list of electric vehicles with 6614 results. Its gidding object Tesla Model Y is 1st, and 48354 are delivered. On April 13, Ford organized a listing conference for the electric carriage to see the main content:

1, Ford Mach-e first quarter in North America’s 6000+ delivery order, 70% from the former Tesla owners.

2. Ford will not sell Mach-E in the existing dealer system.

3, Ford’s charging business is mainly to integrate third-party charging network to the vehicle machine, will do nothing to pay in the charging experience, payment settlement is full in the background. Electric horse can be used to charge piles, um, grab.

New car 4 versions:

1, after the standard endless

The national standard is 470 kilometers, and the 100-kilometer accelerates in 7 seconds, and the price is 265,000 yuan after subsidies.

2, after long-lasting flight

The national standard is 600 kilometers, 100 kilometers accelerate within 7 seconds, including auxiliary driving professional package, and priced by 309,900 yuan after subsidies.

3, long-decrection, full-fire full-speed version

The national standard is 540 kilometers, 100 kilometers accelerate within 5 seconds, and the price is 33,9900 yuan.

4, gt first edition

The national standard is 480 kilometers, 100 kilometers accelerate within 4 seconds, and the price is 37,9900 yuan after subsidies.

Buy don’t buy it? Anyway, I don’t buy it. When I recently chatted with my friends, I often mention that I used to buy electric cars only to see the parameters of the vehicle itself. Now I have to see the vehicle itself parameters, the brand charging network and the automatic driving system are compared. Comparison. Therefore, although the vehicle itself of the electric carriage is still available, the price is also OK, but the miscellaneous charging network and the unspeakable auxiliary driving system are too dragged. Another point, I especially don’t like this big physical knob on the central control screen.

It is recommended that friends don’t have an order. At least two or three years can start to start this brand.

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