With the rendering of the new energy, the electric vehicle has become the energy direction of many brands. In the domestic market, not only the traditional enterprises began to transform the role in R & D, but also a large number of new power forces, it can be said that domestic new energy products are very strong. In foreign markets, in addition to Tesla, other traditional car brands have appeared slowly, especially the Japanese cars, and there is no influence in the electric vehicle area.

Recently, Nissan Ariya real shot exposure, let us see a step in the new energy field of the Japanese car. Nissan’s famous gas is not as good as Toyota, Honda, but there is also a burst model like Nissan Sylphyry, which takes the top of a list of lists. Therefore, many people are looking forward to the arrival of Nissan New Energy Cars, and how the Nissan Ariya is in the end? Let’s take a look.

In terms of appearance, it can be seen that Nissan Ariya is a SUV model. Its appearance is different from other SUVs. It gives people a visual experience is a smooth curve, including some side of the body to reduce the details of the wind resistance. And its wind resistance is also very low, just 0.297cd, even more powerful than some cars, is it very powerful? The front face of Nissan Ariya adopted a new family design, both large headlights were very sharp, and the entire air intake grille was integrated into the headlights, very beautiful. The overall shape of Nissan Ariya gives people a futuristic, very suitable for young consumers.

In terms of interior, Nissan Ariya’s interior is relatively simple, and the interior style of the mainstream electric vehicle is exactly the same. Minimalistic front-sighted design, let us rarely see the entity buttons, the button of the touch screen is very technically. It is worth mentioning that the car uses an online design, instrument panel, and multimedia screen integration, and strengthens the visual effect. In general, Nissan Ariya’s interior belongs to the “salt-saving sweet” style, which has both technological sense and no business sense. I believe that most people have seen such an interior will fall in love with it.

In the end, I have two motivational versions of Nissan Ariya, which is two-wheel drive and four-drive. In terms of battery life, the largest battery life has reached 610 kilometers, and the charging speed is a highlight. It takes only half an hour to travel 375 kilometers, solve many people’s life anxiety problems.

How, if you want to buy a friend of a new energy model, will you consider waiting until the second half of the Nissan Ariya domestic listing?

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