According to the official website of Beijing Municipal Small Bus Indicators, at 9 o’clock on April 9, individual applications and family members of the family application audit results have been inquired. 32520 new energy indicators home users will be configured on May 26. If you have passed, the next step will go to the 4S shop to see the car.

In this era of the Internet and the financial popularity, the full amount of the car has a lot of drawbacks compared to financial loans, although I will pay the deposit, but I need to prepare funds in the early stage, and some have even easily. Financial buying cars will greatly reduce the funds of funds when buying, and we have visited financial policies for mainstream new energy vehicles on the market, and the benefits of Beijing cars are quite good.

Give financial policy is real in Huimin

In order to give back to the majority of customers Beijing Auto launched the “Spring Breeze Ten Miles It is not as good as the bottom” spring car purchase preferential policy, 0 down payment, 200 month supply, 0 interest financial policy, so that the family users have easy to buy cars. In response to Beijing local users, Beijing Auto not only launched the activities of the 2021 indicators to receive 500 yuan shopping card, but also launched a new energy exclusive test drive in Beijing.

Beijing-Eu5 Plus Shanghai Auto Show

With strength, you will have to watch the product. The BEIJING car officially brought Beijing-Eu5 Plus on the Shanghai Auto Show opening on April 19. Based on the advantages of inheriting the BEIJING-EU5 only 3.2% of the battery life, the new car has evolved in an exterior, interior, performance, configuration, security, etc.

In terms of appearance, Beijing-Eu5 Plus continues family “peak aesthetics” design, extended high-ascened double-type LED day running lamp design, all LED taillights adopt through the lamp design. Its interior continues ring cabinet design, with double 12.3-inch interactive double-screen, with large-scale soft package materials. Its integrated moving seat has increased 18mm comfort foam, and a comprehensive upgrade of ride texture.

Configuration, new human face recognition function, mobile phone wireless charging panel, AVM panorama image system, ACC adaptive cruise, LDW lane deviations from warning, PCW pedestrian collision warning, FCW vehicle collision warning, AEB automatic emergency brake and other smart driving Auxiliary system will provide users with all-round security protection.

BEIJING-EU5 Recently Raising

2019 pure electric bicycle sales champion – Beijing-Eu5

In addition to the true recent receipt of the previous text, Beijing-EU5 built-in driving recorder, full liquid crystal meter, 360 panoramic image, parallel assist, lane deviated from auxiliary, sunroof, rainfall perceived rain brush. 360 panoramic image, parallel assist, lane-off assisted, other active safety configurations are even more old.

“Beijing-Eu’s appearance line is very smooth and beautiful, and then the comfort is very good. I don’t feel it. I don’t feel it. It is rich in intelligent configuration, easy to get started, and more lightweight.” Former Olympics Women’s Route Championship, E-Team Event Guide, Beijing- Eu5 owner, Wei Blue Ambassador Xue Ming said.

Beijing-Eu7 big space big production

High quality big space flagship car – Beijing EU7

If you have sufficient budget, you can also choose a higher-level Beijing-Eu7. As a middle-level car, the beijing-Eu7 body size reaches 4805 * 1835 * 1528mm, the wheelbase is close to 2785mm, the space is very spacious, plus 0.75 M2 large panoramic sunroof effectively increase the opening of the car in the car.

Beijing Radio and Television Moderator, Beijing Automobile Bishukan Ambassador Chun Ni

Beijing Radio and Television Moderator, Beijing Automotive Blue Ambassador Spring said, beijing-eu7, interior looks very delicate, door panels also have leather decoration, the interior space is very spacious, the super panoramic sunroof, spring sun shine is very comfortable, the back row Passengers don’t have a feeling of depression.

Beijing car purchase indicators will be released in May, and the Shanghai Auto Show is in that, the new energy car will also concentrate on the line. In the face of a new energy model, comprehensive battery life, space performance, cost performance, etc., BEijing Automotive, or will be the best choice for the first new energy car in the car. If you want to know more details, please contact the store.

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