The development of Xiaopeng Auto in recent years is a smooth sailing. According to data statistics, the sales of two models in Xiaopeng Automobile have a great leap in the first quarter of this year, and many people have seen Xiaopeng’s brand behind. Full sincerity. On April 14th, Xiaopeng’s third model P5 is about to attack. It is said that the car will be the world’s first mass production model with laser radar.

In fact, it is necessary to say that the technology of laser radar is actually unfamiliar. However, in the mass production vehicle, the function is implemented, and Xiaopeng P5 is still the world’s first. In fact, in this year, the ET7, which is aware of this year, will also be equipped with laser radar, but you have to know that ET7 is delivered for a distance.

So there are some friends who are thinking in my heart, what is the black technology in laser radar? It can make several car companies to promote. Take this P5 as an example, the manufacturer places two laser radar in the misty lamp area below the body, and it does not have much impact on the shape of the body and the settings in all aspects. On the side of the body, the laser radar is placed on both sides of the body. On the one hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, it is also based on better detection of the vehicle movement.

The real laser radar can increase the distance of the detection to about 150 meters, the width is more than 120 ° FOV, and the two laser radar combined with the detection width to 150 °, the center is refreshed to reach 20 Hz. In general, laser radar compared to traditional conventional radars, there is a broader vision, more agile response speed, more reliable safety performance.

Such techniques plus Xiaopeng’s NGP system capable of achieving very high-level auxiliary driving, even close to the level of automatic driving. Under the high precision map, the real driving experience has been infinitely close to the live driving. Such an experience is far exceeded the top level of L2.5 at the current market, which can be said to be a new road that has never been in the face.

According to the news provided by the manufacturer, this new car Xiaopeng P5 level is slightly lower than Xiaopeng P7. As a compact car, the most likely price range is about 150,000, in this level, routine Sagitar, Sylphy , Corolla can be said to be completely uncompetitive than.

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