As new energy is getting hot, many new energy brands have become the wind direction of the new era. In foreign countries, Tesla is undoubtedly the leading brand of electric vehicles, but in China, BYD has a place in the new energy field. Recently, BYD launched a new energy model in two joints, and installed the “blade battery” for the new car, which also made BYD’s new energy models safer.

BYD’s brand is no longer a synonym of “Low”, and has become a domestic new energy vehicle representative brand. Under the face of the competitive pressure of many new power, BYD can say that the traditional brand is struggling, relying on excellent products Won many markets. BYD claims to be a new energy leader, and some may feel that it is a head, but BYD is really good in the strength of new energy.

It is understood that BYD is currently working with Toyota to produce a new electric vehicle, and there is already a new car to test, which makes many people are very interested. As everyone knows, Toyota is very good in the joint venture car, whether Prado or Carolla, etc., these models are loved by domestic consumers. Therefore, Toyota’s brand strength is in doubt.

And Toyota, which is cooperated with BYD, is not given to BYD technical support, but the opposite is that BYD provides technical output for Toyota, but not only this, but provides “three electricity” technology for Toyota, which is electricity Control technology, motor technology and battery technology, etc. I know that the friends of the electric car must know that these technologies are the core technology of electric vehicles. That is to say, Toyota and BYD cooperate new cars that are likely to laid Toyota logo.

BYD can cooperate with the world-renowned brand Toyota, undoubtedly compete for the domestic brand, indicating that domestic brands are in an international level in some areas. Indeed, BYD is in the first echelon’s technology, whether it is an electric vehicle platform or a blade battery, and many joint venture brands have purchased related products in BYD, such as batteries, which have added BYD’s core competitiveness.

From the overall situation of BYD and Toyota cooperation, as a car company, the core technology is very important. Only by mastering core technologies can have good products to drive brand influence. Finally, the new car in BYD and Toyota will be listed in 2025. Do you expect?

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