On the eve of the Guangzhou Auto Show in 2018, the skyline ME7 was officially unveiled, and the top of up to 60.4% (the first electric vehicle first) was long, this electric car left a very deep impression, in the oil change, pure electricity At the age of platform, ME7 is not only from the IMA pure electric architecture created by the sky car, even in the pure electric platform electric vehicle, it is also a number of exists.

Today, when ME7 truly comes to me, it is simply playing, after the test drive, ME7 is not only power attribute, but the intelligent attributes are equipped with outstanding, both of the five screens, UI system design and experience, and L2. 5 auxiliary driving, etc., generally, ME7 intelligence is not in a certain configured, but the comprehensive experience is more attractive, better.

1. Smart should face all passengers, not drivers

Now, it seems that there is no intelligence. According to the multiplier data, including fuel vehicles, electric vehicles, intelligent ratio of 60%, much higher than 10% electric ratio. However, the smart cars are much, but the vast majority is just a simple superposition of intelligent configurations, rather than truly thinking about what kind of user experience enhancements brought to passengers.

Until the arrival of ME7, until the arrival of the 5 + X screen, in fact, the rear row double screen is not the first original original, the previous Mercedes-Benz S and other super luxury administrative passengers have already configured, but it is the first to use it. Smart electric vehicle.

Intelligent electric vehicles, generally more intelligent than traditional smart oil vehicles, smarter, intelligent and electric attributes each. Although the smart is named, you must admit that the smart electric car is still unfolded by the driver, this may be intelligent, but it is not the best intelligence, the best intelligence should have all passengers. Experience, feelings, including children.

Frequently driving, the car is playing, because the Shanghai life radius is large, the road is generally for a long time, more time she is sleeping, but sometimes she will make trouble, if she will make ME7, can be opened The screen is given to her, I look at the pig Piqi, comforting the Ronghua is effective, it is a happiness, if you open other smart electric vehicles, there is no way.

This is a case where I happened to a smart app. A few days ago, the skyline officially released a similar story, saying that Shanghai one user recommended to buy ME7 because her daughter recommends it. It seems that ME7 seems to be very popular. According to the relevant people of the sky, ME7 is welcomed by children.

Therefore, when the European flag is clearly shouting, the ME7 does not build some link with children? Of course, this is the topic.

At the intelligent electric vehicle interior design, Tesla is launched by the first principle, including Xiaopeng, other smart electric vehicles have more or few Tesra shadows. Tesla’s first principles are unsatisfactory, but rational is too heavy, lacks some humanities, family breath, and smart electric vehicles should break the existing fence, home elements must make up.

How can I evolve after the intelligent electric vehicle? Is Tesla this screen is less and less, the smaller? I think the score period, I have no practical significance. In the middle, short-term, multi-screen is definitely a big trend. In particular, after the auxiliary driving is more mature, the cultural appeal provided by the screen will increase, long-term, maybe there will be more Good destination technology is generated, which in turn replaces the screen.

2. Auxiliary driving first criterion is always safe

In the intelligent properties, the auxiliary driving occupies an important ring, and some of the melon people even determine which smart is better. But I think that the so-called auxiliary driving practicality, compared with traditional ACC cruise, there is no imagination, more convenient to operate more often.

Just take the most frontier Xiaopeng NGP, many people only know that the success rate of the function of the overhead road is around 95%, but it has never noticed that its failure rate is as high as 5%, for the car For the car grade product, even if the failure rate is not the failure, let alone 5%, which is involved in human safety.

In fact, if you bypass the paper data promotion of the manufacturer, interpret these auxiliary driving from the technical itself and the actual experience, such as the change logic judgment, etc., you will find that they still have a big improvement space, and these improve spaces are If the security is closely related, it is important to pay attention.

In view of the sudden situation of multiple testing assistance, I think the current auxiliary driving will also close the most closest to the lane maintenance and automatic parking, which is also the most car factory, parts factory, and matching Ok. Everyone can do it, visible technology is mature enough, and it is also safe to use consumers.

On the auxiliary driving, ME7 is equipped with the ME PILOT system, which reaches the industry’s leading L2.5 automatic driving assistance level throughout the vehicle body, which can achieve ACC adaptive cruise, ICA integrated high-speed smart cruise, LKA 16 core functions such as lane maintenance. Compared with Tesla, Xiaopeng’s polarity performance, the skyline of the sky is more documented, and it is mainstream configuration, and more practical.

Behind the cause of this difference is difficult to erase the cultural idea. Xiaopeng has Internet thinking, and the skyline core team is from China’s original joint venture Shanghai Volkswagen. For both, no so-called who is poor, just see which kind you can accept, and accept the risk of this.

If only 15 years of development history of lithium ion electric vehicles, the history of assist driving is not arrived in 10 years. For non-passenger owners, it is better to use auxiliary driving or cautious. Last month, Honda launched the world’s first L3-level production model Honda Sensing Elite, but the price is costly to 6.58 million yuan, which is completely “concept car” that does not have quantitative properties. The road to automatically drive, still a long way.

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