Many people will consider buying an electric car before buying a car. Whether it is ultra-high configuration or ultra-low use cost, it can be said that the use experience of rolling the same level fuel vehicle. However, there is a big problem in electric vehicles, that is, it is affected by motor technology, charging is a big problem. Especially in the winter of the north, many owners spit their electric car life-fire miles or even more than half of the water.

In fact, the impact of low temperature to the battery is not only reflected in the car, and some people have found that their mobile phone has not been in winter without a while. And when this phenomenon occurs on the electric car, the impact is far more than the mobile phone. There is even the car owner ridicule, I will drive electric cars in winter, and can’t even turn warm air conditioners. I don’t know if this is a car service person or a person serving a car.

As early as last winter, there were a lot of Tesla Model 3 owners and BYD Han EV owners to leave a message online, and their own car room reduction or even more than 40%. In order to solve the problem of shrinking the battery under low temperature conditions, the battery supply vendor Ningde Times has launched a “battery heating system” patent technology. Under this technique, the vehicle can always monitor the temperature around the battery. When the temperature does not reach the best use environment, it can be controlled by system control, and the temperature around the battery can be raised to ensure that the battery can run in the best use environment, provide sufficient battery life.

Specifically, this technique will use the environment simulation as two cases. When monitoring the peripheral temperature of the battery is lower than the charging temperature, the heating module starts working, and the manufacturer refers to it to the second heating mode; and when the battery is around The temperature reached the preheating temperature, the heating module enters the first heating mode, that is, the battery is spaced to be spaced to ensure that the temperature will not be reduced. Moreover, not only during the vehicle operation, the system will hold the battery when the vehicle is charged and discharge, which is convenient for charging of the battery. Based on this technology, electric vehicles can maximize the situation of shrinking in winter.

Ningde Times as the largest battery supplier of Domestic Tesra Model 3, with this technology is likely to change the poor problem of MODEL 3 winter life. As the powerful competitor of Model 3 in the market, the blade battery equipped by BYD Han EV is convinced in safety performance, but in winter, there is still a problem that the endless mileage is affected. In the face of the technical upgrade of Ningde Times, I don’t know what BYD will work.

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