Guangqi Toyota official announced five heavy new cars, participated in the Shanghai International Auto Show opening on April 19. Today, let’s talk about the four “all-star” heavy new cars outside the new Hanlante.

We have taught possible poor version of the lineup model, refer to the article “New Hanland Dada playing the head array, GAC Toyota wants to take these five” poor version “new car to participate in the Shanghai Auto Show? “.

Before you see these star new cars, we will warn the guests must be calm and cold. After all, these four new cars will definitely make you passion, but you must first look at your own money drums, only one year. You are ready.

01 All-Star lineup 1: Lei Ling SUV Ling Cool?

Yes, you didn’t look wrong, it is Rayling SUV. On the occasion of Rayling Length Edition, before the arrival of Rayling Hai, this Rayling SUV suddenly came out, and will be with Rayling. Line production.

The shape of the picture is the overseas version of Carol SUV. In addition to the consistency of the interior with the current Rayling, Lei Ling SUV is in the shape of the overseas version, or redesigned the Chinese market exclusive look, or along with the current Rayling sedan. Model, you can learn the result soon.

According to the price of the overseas market, Rayling SUV sells below Willanda and C-HR, follow this price, you can decide all other compact SUVs such as Honda and XR-V.

We checked the trademark registration records of GAC Toyota. After the long version of Lingling was named “Levin GT Ling Shang”, this Lei Ling SUV, perhaps, is expected to be named “Levin Cross Ling Cool”?

Regardless of the shape and naming, this new D-entry-level SUV will be filled with Million of Million Entertainment, and lead the market.

02 All-star lineup 2: Harrier Fengnda

Toyota Harrier model can be said to be a special model. It is another model of Toyota Crown and Carolla. It also has a separate car standard model, and also becomes a Rexus RX.

After the new replacement in 2020, although it was taken by Toyota Niu Head, the name of Harrier was reserved in Japan, which was named Venza in North America. This model GAC Toyota has also introduced the Chinese market in pure import.

The Harrier model will introduce the Chinese market with a dual-car model, respectively in FAW Toyota Changchun Factory and Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, which is also produced with RAV4, and Willanda. It is also 2.0L fuel and 2.5L mixed power, These four models belong to TNGA with platform models.

Between Hanlanda and RAV4, the Harrier, which is a large five SUV will be named “Frontlander Fengda”, facing a segment of the same, smaller in C-HR.

The big five-seat SUV market, Honda’s crown and UR-V have opened up, with Toyota brand, and Harrier’s amazing internal and external design, this non-China exclusive model, I believe that Honda has two China exclusive The model is good in advance.

03 All-Star lineup three: Sienna Sena

If Hanlanda is in the seven SUV universal enemy, the Buick GL8 in the MPV market is also the same peak, even in this most important MPV market, Buick GL8 can be said to be Branda.

It is better to say that the Buick GL8 is, it is better to say that the Buick luxury MPV is mainly, it is better to say that the good product in this market is too small.

This is not, the release of Toyota’s new Seine, the Chinese market is highly called, and it has been to China through parallel imports. Perhaps the market is really “bitter gift GL8 for a long time.”

Sena has only 2.5L dual engine mixed version in the North American market. After introducing the Chinese market, it will be equipped with the same 2.0T version of Hanlanda, perhaps the largest variable in the Chinese version outside of the dual model.

The large-scale MPV market in the luxury, only a new car effect, plus the new car effect, plus the market has been accumulated for a long time, maybe Sener’s official debut, the only test is whether Toyota’s capacity is ready enough full.

04 All-star lineup four: Wanta Sport Edition

After the second generation of Raylle abandoned China’s exclusive appearance, after the double look of North American Carolla, finally like a global strategic model, although sales behind Carolla, but compared with the first generation of Rayling, already The amount of breakthrough.

As the Double-car strategy model of RAV4, Wiringda has also adopted China’s exclusive look, replicating the old road of Lei Ling’s year, but once the listing has reached the sales level of RAV4 honor, although this sales is divided from Honda’s CR-V and There is also a distance from Haoying.

FAW Toyota RAV4 has been a performance in the years, and it is calmly forgetting its existence, and Willanda’s arrival is to reshape Toyota’s compact SUV’s rivers and lakes, but only rely on this China’s exclusive name and appearance. Far from enough.

Camry and Lei Ling’s flagship and sports double appearance have achieved unprecedented victory, ready-made design, ready-made copy, Wanta introduced North American market RAV4 off-road appearance, which is also more successful. The above is the four all-star models that Toyota will be released. Which one is worth looking forward to, which one will take it out of the explosive model.

In addition to these four models, I haven’t changed the Yaris SUV, which has just been listed, plus the entry-level 1.5L hybrid system, will not introduce the Chinese market, is still a mystery?

In addition to the new Hanlan Da of 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, Toyota Booth, Toyota E-TNGA platform will officially unveil the veil, which will also be the first appearance of Toyota brand new pure electric car. .

Tianjin FAW Toyota and Guangqi Toyota’s new pure electric car exclusive factory is under construction, and after the first phase of 2022, it will contribute 300,000 annual production capacity to Toyota.

Volkswagen ID. The pure electric series car is announced, although it is good in the global market, it seems to be flat in the Chinese market. So, what kind of Toyota brand new pure electric car will bring to the global and China’s new energy auto market? Change, it is worth looking forward to.

Volkswagen fuel cars opened in Toyota, Toyota in the Chinese market. The public does not seem to have too many new explosions, but the introduction of the new introduction, Toyota’s hard chasing has achieved phased victory.

In the new pure electric car market, we give you a feeling of feelings: Under the same price, you will consider the public or Toyota’s pure electric car, what is the reason?

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