With the arrival of 2021, many car companies put the electrical transformation. In addition to providing pure electric or plug-in hybrid choices for the current hot models, they have also begun to actively launch new energy new vehicles. Recently, Nissan has just announced that the pure electric SUV model ARIYA is about to release, and its executives will reveal the pure electric vehicle product line in foreign media, and will launch a model with Juke’s small SUV. According to foreign media exposure, the new pure electric small SUV rendering, although this new car is positioned in a compact SUV model, it is more excellent than Juke’s space performance.

As can be seen from the rendering, the new car uses a closed medium network design, highlighting the identity of their pure electric cars, and the front headlights on both sides use a narrow strip design, which looks more significant and offensive. On the top of the China, the silver-plated chrome trim is also selected, which is close to the front headlights, and the front face is more uniform. The on-and-axis air intake styling is more distinctive, and the big mouth-to-air design of the grid is matched, so that the new car is more identified.

From the side of the body, the new car uses a slope design of the body and the lower waistline, which looks more sporty. A plurality of semi-closed alloy wheels also make this car more powerful. In addition, it can also be seen from the rendering diagram that this pure electric SUV also uses a two-color vehicle body and a suspended roof design, so that this new car is full of young fashion.

From the end of the car, the split taillights are designed with slender strips, ethliament with the front headlights, and the rear window will strengthen its cross-country style. At the bottom picked up, the exhaust port setting was canceled, strengthened its pure electric model energy-saving environmentally friendly environmental identity.

In the dynamic performance, a model made of CMF-EV with platforms as a single and Ariya. The new pure electric SUV will also provide E-4orce electric four-wheel drive technology. The probability will be equipped with a power battery of 63KWH. The operating capacity is expected to be around 400km. In addition to the four-wheel drive, the new car or will launch the previous drive version, in It is better to believe that it will be lower.

Nissan Ariya models that have always been received, have been officially launched in the US market, and the probability will enter the domestic market during the year. In addition, this newly exposed new pure electric SUV model is clearly exposed to Nissan has begun to accelerate the research and development promotion of new energy models. The mass of the German brand, Mercedes, Audi, etc.

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