A short-distance taking market that was rediscovered from Hong Kong MINI EV and welcomed a new soldier. However, this new join is not with the wind, but there are more than ten years of experience in the short-awacked market.

On April 12, the first mass production car in Lein Mango was officially launched in Shandong Weifang Plant. This car has 130 kilometers, 185 km and 300 kilometers of two endurance versions, and the pre-sale price is 29,800 yuan.

Rest Mango offline in the Lei Weifang factory

This price seems to have less proven lower than the macro MINI EV. But to consider mango is four four models, the shaft distance is 2.44 meters, and the price value is more prominent. In addition, a Mango’s Notile car began to cultivate a short-awaited micro electric vehicle market in 2008. Lei Ding shot to do pure electric mini electric cars, naturally no, it will be in the middle – Notting Auto General Manager Su Xin revealed that they expected to produce 100,000 units this year, 400,000 vehicles 2022, 2023 600,000 vehicles.


Bigger ahead

Different from the mulberry mini EV of the burst red car, although it is also a short-distance pegraph market, but Notting mango, the size is larger, and the battery is also longer.

Source: Notding Cars

Mango Lei has 3620 * 1610 * 1525mm sizes and 2440mm axis. With the axial distance, the A0-stage car range has been entered.

Mango Lei is also a standard four-door model. Although the rear space space is not large, it is a lot of arrogance of the macro MINI EV.

In terms of performance, this car is 130 kilometers, 185 km and 300 km three versions, and lithium iron phosphate batteries are used. Among them, 300 kilometers of battery life supports fast charge. 30% -80% charging time is as long as half an hour. High-profiles also have 4 intelligent auxiliary driving systems.

Power batteries pass 6 large limit trials, the battery pack warrants eight or 120,000 kilometers. The economy of the vehicle is outstanding, and only 5 yuan is 100 kilometers.

In terms of shape, mango design is not aggressive, and the highlight is mainly colored. Multi-color options such as dew green, malt yellow, cloud white, moon rock ash, etc., the so-called Macaron, the so-called Macaron, Macon, MINI EV.

The price of Lei Mango is low, but the cost is low, but it is also a green card, unflied pure electric passenger car.


100,000 vehicles this year

400,000 next year


Mango is a truly powerful car since the Lei Ding Automobile, which also reflects the grand goal of the Notding Auto.

The General Manager of Lein Automobile revealed when communicating with the media, and the product plan in Leigin, in addition to mango, and Mango MINI, there is new products next year. Production and sales plan is 100,000 this year, 400,000 units next year, and it is 600,000.

Such a goal is not to be uneven. In the history of China Electric cars, only Hong Kong MINI EV and Tesra Model 3 can be sold in the first year.

But the bottom of Lei Ding is also relatively full.

First, in terms of production capacity, the Lotty Automobile has three major brands, including new energy, commercial vehicles, and traditional energy products such as the traditional energy industry, including Sichuan Chengdu, Mianyang, Shandong Weifang, Shaanxi Xianyang four major cars production Base, total capacity exceeds 600,000 units.

Notding Weifang Factory

Secondly, in terms of channels, due to the beginning of the market in 2008, the terminal accumulated more than 1 million units, built more than 3,000 first-class terminal stores, and more than 10,000 second-level terminal stores. In order to sell mango, Leonding will screen the dealers, gradually develop, and build a new store image.


Let the 600 million people have a car life

The positioning of Lei Mango is a middle short-distance recent demand for China’s most largest group – 6 billion urban population.

Reed Cars believes that China’s new energy automotive industry has entered a critical node of private car, and the market size is guaranteed to exceed 200 million units. However, the price range of new energy models is currently 5-15 million. This is obviously not required for new urban residents. The Lei Ding Mango, which is offline, is to let the 600 million people have a car life. Shu Xin said that the main sales price range of Leining Auto will meet 3-40,000, in line with the vast majority of purchasing power demand.

The general manager of the Notting Automotive Shu Xin speakers in the offline ceremony

Jiahua, deputy secretary general of the China Automotive Industry Association, attended the mamid, and delivered a speech that Leishing Mang fruit was lowered, and it was a revolution in the history of Chinese people. “my country is a wide area, many people, rapidly rising developing countries, in recent years, with developed high-speed rail networks, focusing on the travel needs of people intercity and provincial traffic; at the same time, 50 km The radius is center, the ‘light outline of 600 million new urban residents is urgently needed, this is a tens of thousands of billion-scale level markets that are about to be detonated, the development space is huge. The’ ordinary people, Cai Ling ‘proposed by the Notting Motor. It is in turn, the prospect is broad. “He said.

Shu Xin said in Mango’s off-line ceremony, Notting Motors will continue to focus on the new energy car market in China’s three or fourth-line cities, from the middle and short-distance scenes to define the car, research and development car, promote the innovation and upgrading of national electric vehicles, ” A grand change in a lot of arrival.


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