Recently, in this year’s GPU Developer General (GTC21), Ying Weida showed cooperation with several smart electric vehicles, including Faraday Future. Today, the official news is said that FF will be equipped with the British NVIDIA Drive ORIN platform chip on its unusual technology luxury flagship product FF 91 to achieve the next generation of automatic driving functions.

Choose to use the next-generation NVIDIA Drive ORIN system-level chip (SOC), once again confirmed the close cooperation of FF and British Weida, and FF is based on the seamless connection capability of continuous improvement of continuous improvement and induction products based on the NVIDIA Drive platform. FF 91 plans to achieve advanced expressway automatic driving and advanced parking and summoning functions during the launch of advanced highways in 2022.

“The goal of FF is to provide the latest, most advanced computing power on FF 91. We chose the Yingda NVIDIA Drive ORIN as an automatic driving system platform, and its seamlessly connected upgrade path is our very valued”, FF’s IAI Vice President HONG RAO said, “The world-class professional technology in Artificial intelligence and automation is critical to our products and technology architectures. The reliability and high quality support of their products will be fully promoted to the process of accelerating the FF 91 In, further enhance the automatic driving ability of FF 91. “

As the first choice for car manufacturers in 2022, NVidia Drive orin contains up to 21 billion transistors and integrates NVIDIA AMPERE GPU architecture, 12 Cortex-A78 ARM 64CPUs, and deep learning and computer visual accelerators. For this reason, NVIDIA Drive ORIN can provide performance of 254 trillion operations per second.

With this high-performance, low-energy power consolidated capacity, FF will be equipped with more advanced automatic driving and parking functions in the future FF 81 and FF 71 models. These two models equipped with the NVIDIA Drive ORIN automatic driving platform are expected to be listed in 2023 and 2024 respectively.

As the only next-generation intelligent Internet tram products, FF 91 integrates ultimate technology, ultimate user experience and complete ecological product concept, bringing users a unique intelligent Internet electric vehicle travel experience. FF 91 has industry-leading 1050 horsepower, equipped with 130 kWh of immersion liquid cooling technology, with a hundred kilometers to accelerate only less than 2.4 seconds, and unique back smart Internet systems, high-speed Internet through super Mobile AP connection.

The FF 91 has the largest 60 degrees zero gravity seat in the industry and provides a revolutionary user experience, aims to create mobile, interconnected, intelligent, luxurious third Internet life space and user travel ecosystem platform.

FF is currently preparing to acquire special purpose acquisition companies (SPAC) Property Solutions Acquisition Corp. “PSAC” (NAC Trading Code: PSAC). Previously announced the merged agreement is expected to complete the transaction in the second quarter of 2021. After the transaction is completed, FF will trade with the stock code “FFIE” in NASDAQ. FF ‘s flagship electric model FF 91 plans to be launched within 12 months after the completion of the combination.

Recently, FF also announced that after completing the merging transactions between PSAC, the new nine board members will be appointed. The new board will consist of experts including technology, automotive, financial, government and supervision, transportation and energy and energy. Members of the Board include FF Global CEO CARSTEN Breitfeld, current FF Board members Brian Krolicki, Matthias Aydt, Christine Harada, Lee Liu (Liu Hui), Sue Swenson, Jordan Vogel, Scott Vogel and Bob Ye (Ye Qing).

On March 26th, FF announced that it has been raised from nearly $ 100 million creditor finance, which is also involved in this round of financing by an existing loan parties such as Ares leader, BIRCH LAKE. Birch Lake is still a mortgage agent for major credit purchases and guarantee financing mechanisms. This round of creditor finance includes $ 85 million by Ares Management Corporation (“ARES”), the previous lender Birch Lake, LP Fund Management Company (“Birch Lake”) and other companies also participated in this round of credit. Financing.

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