Last week, the FF (PSAC) stock price experienced the top more than 20% of the counterparts, including the top five of the entire US stock market before Tuesday, and the price increased to $ 15.03 on Friday, in US stock electricity In the case of the universal call to the stock price, PSAC is undoubtedly a US stock share. Last Friday, US stock analytics, Fox Advisors released reports, transfer FF (PSAC) target stock price to $ 33% to $ 20. At the same time, there is a stock large V, and the core management excitation information disclosed by the FF listing document has indicated that the market value after FF login NASDA is expected to break through 20 billion US dollars.

FFACH, FF is led by an experienced management team, except for the founder Jia Yueping as Chief Products and User Ecology, responsible for product innovation, product strategy, product definition, car network, AI, automatic driving, user experience, User acquisition and user operation; FF Global Chief Executive, Bi Fukang also has 25 years of experience in automobile industry, FF executives and senior employees are also from work to include BMW, Ford, Fujitsu, GM, Lockheed Martin , Mercury, Maserati, Mercedes, Motorola, Porsche, Tesla, Toyota and Volvo, etc. Senior executives.

The report also analyzed that FF’s original technology and patent reserves are significant intrinsic value. According to the analysis report, the 880 intelligent electric car patented technology of FF has received high, which is undoubtedly distinguished from the important killer of electric vehicles from the high-end market from the beginning. Innovative technology reserves make FF convincing when building a new user experience. The Fox Advisors analysis report indicates that the market value of FF high-end differentiation is more optimistic relative to the NIO’s flight and its current $ 34 billion market value. In addition, Fox Advisors uses LUCID and NIO’s share price as FF (PSAC) for the next 12-month target stock price reference.

For FF landing NASDAQ, the first flagship model FF 91 is completed for 12 months, Fox Advisors has also made detailed analysis, and the report pointed out that FF has completed up to 40 FF 91 prototypes and pre-mass cars. R & D is fully tested, especially in 2020, FF 91 completed the single charging battery life test from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The report pointed out that after completing 270 miles of Most Shangpo section to the destination, FF 91 There is also 110 miles of endless miles. At the same time, FF 91 has a combination of the best chassis and power assembly with the same level, and can achieve high recognition of Rolandberg, such as acceleration, 1050 horsepower, and other technical parameters. The American Financial Web Site The Motley Fool issued a text last week, saying that PSAC’s future stock trend, and that FF 91 is the ability to be able to latise.

In addition, the in-vehicle user experience of FF 91 is also mentioned by the Fox Advisors’ analysis report, the report analysis believes that FF has independently developed a speech recognition solution for US market and Chinese consumers, which can identify and understand the local Complex phrase. Users of Amazon or Apple can issue instructions for FF 91 and use Alexa or Siri personal assistant features. Moreover, FF will upgrade the functional upgrade of speech recognition software through OTA mode. The report also pointed out that FF 91 original zero-gravity seat has a maximum inclination in the industry than Maybach, which can be tilted to 60 degrees. Plus unique spa modes and 27-inch rear passenger displays, the super AP technology of Internet links in the optical vehicle is listed by the analysis report as an important edge of the user experience in the next generation.

FF large-scale, high-value users are also accelerating, and FOX Advisors analyzed the FF for more than 15 major cities in the United States in the United States in the United States. In the United States, more than 30 major cities will be opened in the United States. And the expansion planning of the exhibition hall. According to the report, the current FF has signed a cooperation agreement with the United States’s well-known electric vehicle distribution group Jolta and China’s strong luxury car through a harmonious car. In the future, there will be sales stores and exhibition halls in China. The analysis report also revealed that FF will launch high-end explosive models FF 81, 2024 and 2025 in 2025, and 2025. In addition, FF also plans to launch a smart last mile transport vehicle (SLMD) based on the unique I VPA platform in the second half of 2023.

Recently, many stock information discussions on the American Well-known online forum Reddit have recently included FF (PSAC) stocks in the recommended purchase list. Yahoo Finance also analyzed the equity structure of PSAC and FF, and believed that institutional investors held a considerable number of FF stocks to have credibility in the investment community.

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