Referring to the zero-sports car, it may be a more strange name for many consumers, and the spare run is one of the new energy. Early with pure electric super running S01 started the first shot of the new energy car market, and the zero ran in the industry.

Subsequently launched the pure electric mini-race T03, relying on the 59,800 price of 59,800 subsidies and the 403KM long battery life and L2-level smart driving assistance system have obtained a lot of consumers, the listing of half-year sales broke through 1 Wan Daguan, has excellent performance in the new energy car market.

However, the results of the zero run T03 are obviously equal to the results of the Wuling Mountain Miniev for the new energy microcontrol. In the sales volume in January this year, Wuling Hongguang Mini EV has achieved 36,762 results. In February, Wulinghong MINI EV still has 17,307 performances in the case of overall sales decline in February. Only one month sales is crushed with sales data for the zero-racing T03, and it is also known as a pure electric giant to hang in sales.

What makes such a miniature pure electric vehicle that has been ridicpeled for buy a vegetable car, the micro pure electric vehicle of the senile step can be easily sold for a few months. This problem is also considered for the zero run for new energy car manufacturers. Personalized design and cartoon appearance match with color-changing body and popular car arrangements may be his winning method, many people have such a guess. Confused the two models launched by this zero-race T03, it is called cute to the end, and the body color has introduced the sip powder and coral orange selection of the goddess exclusive color. In addition, the luxury version of the model can also choose light. White and magnetic graphic striped roof configuration. However, from the appearance of the new car, it is flatly, and the zero run T03 does not lose to the cute appearance of Wuling Mountain MINI EV.

From the interior, the new zero run T03 is standardized with the switch button of the trunk door. The luxury model also provides a one-button lifting function of four-door window, so that this cheap car is no longer cheap. The three multi-function steering wheel also allows the driver’s operation more convenient, with embedded full liquid crystal dashboard and suspended oversized medium control screen, the technology in the car is more than Wuling Hong Kong MINI is more than. The elliptical air conditioner also increases the cute properties in the car.

In terms of security, the microcontrol has been suffering from the disease, and the new zero run T03 is equipped with the Leap Pilot 2.0 smart driving system, and has multiple collision warnings, lanes from warning, lane maintenance assisted and automatic emergency braking. Enhance the practical function of safety.

In the dynamic performance, the new zero Rotary T03 upgraded the exchange standard charging efficiency, and the entry model replaced the maximum capacity of 41KWH three-dimensional lithium battery, the working conditions were 403km, and the high-equipped model retained 38KWH ternary iron lithium battery. A drive motor with a maximum power of 75 ps and peak torque 155N · m is equipped.

It can be said that the zero run is almost full of Successful factors of Mitsubaishong Mini EV, but in the price, there is a price of 59,800 to 75,800 after the subsidy, but it is a major price. As a mini car, many owners are more inclined to have a lower price, even if they don’t open for some time, they will not unfortunately. Whether this car can replicate the glory of Mitsubaramine Mini EV, but also need to see the rejacence of the market in the market.

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