5 departments of the Ministry of Finance recently issued a notice, intended to include Beijing-Shanghai Yue Yuhe and other places into the fuel cell car demonstration application urban group. Although the demonstration city list is not clear, the multi-ground hydrogen can be rushed. At present, 10 provinces and municipal levels in Beijing, Tianjin, have successively introduced. According to incomplete statistics, special hydrogen energy industry investment projects published by Hebei, Guangdong, Henan, and Beijing have exceeded 100 billion yuan.

A fuel cell is a chemical device that directly converts the chemical energy of the fuel into electrical energy, also known as electrochemical generators. It is a fourth power generation technology after hydraulic power generation, thermal power generation and atomic power generation. Since the fuel cell is converted into electrical energy by electrochemical reaction to convert the Gibbs free energy portion of the fuel into electrical energy, it is not limited by the Carno cycle effect, so the efficiency is high. In addition, the fuel cell is used as a raw material for hydrogen and oxygen; at the same time, there is no mechanical transmission member, so there is no noise contamination, and the exhaustible harmful gas is extremely small. Therefore, from the perspective of saving energy and protecting the ecological environment, the fuel cell is seen to do very well-developed power generation technology.

According to the International Hydrogen Entertainment Committee expects that by 2050, hydrogen will bear 18% of energy terminal demand worldwide, create more than $ 2.5 trillion (about 16 trillion yuan) market value, and fuel cell vehicles will occupy 20 global vehicles. % -25%; there is currently a range of fuel cell engine costs into a fast drop. This point and the decline in the cost of lithium battery in recent years are extremely similar. In the next decade, China’s car network interactive wisdom new energy ecology, there are two combinations, the first gold combination is distributed photovoltaic + battery + electric car + Internet of Things + block chain; second silver combination is centralized wind power With photovoltaic + hydrogen energy + fuel cell car + Internet of Things + block chain. The former is a distributed replacement electrical system, which is a centralized replacement electrical system.

According to “China Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Battery Industry White Paper”, 2025, in 2010, my country’s Hydrogen Station was built into 300, 1500, and the annual compound growth rate was 31.1%. By 2050, the number of hydrogen production plants will reach 10,000, and the industry output value is 12 trillion yuan. my country’s fuel cell automotive industry is currently in the stage of industrial expansion. It is gradually improved around the industrial supporting infrastructure, which will form a fuel cell vehicle supply chain and industrial chain system with vehicle manufacturing and fuel cell system as pulling. And this will be the strongest competitor of lithium battery new energy cars!

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