Cross-border car, successful in 2021.

Simply sorted, since 2021, there has been Baidu, Foxconn, Xiaomi announced the import of the automotive industry, and the heat of the heat is even caused by CCTV’s attention. One title is “dream corner overtaking, beware of corner “I broke a pot of cold water to the entire industry.

I thought that the heat of the cross-border car will have a lot of money, I didn’t expect to have been exposed to the online giants that were about to enter the automotive industry. According to the late LatePost report, the drip started to launch the car project, the person in charge is a drop President, Yang Jun, General Manager of Xiaotang, and General Manager.

Compared with the pre-mid-me-ancestor, the dripping car looks more and more follow, on the one hand, in 2019, the drip has established a joint venture with BYD, until November last year, they released it. The first custom model D1, so, whether it is a full-vehicle style, internal and external design, and car network architecture, etc., the drip is more experienced.

On the other hand, the layout of the drip in the automotive industry is also a batch. For example, in the unmanned field, the drip starts to build an automatic driving R & D team in 2016, and the next year, the first overseas AI experiment in California, USA. Room, the automatic driving part is upgraded to the Independent Corporate.

So far, the drip has obtained road test licenses in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Hefei, California, etc. It can be seen that technology precipitation is not bad.

In addition to the experience of the car, the drip is not a small white, in the supplier side, the drip is equally advantageous.

According to the official data of the drip, there are about 10 million vehicles at the current drip, and their universal running time is between 5-7 years, with an average of approximately 150-2 million demands every year, so drops Drips should be made to digest most of the vehicles inside.

According to the discussion of the drip founding personnel at the D1 conference, the drip custom network has been itered. By 2025, the customized version of the Net Toning Car will popularize more than 1 million units in the drip platform. By 2030, the D series goal is to remove the cockpit and achieve unmanned driving in full sense.

So if the drip is really a car, then a big probability will take this route of D1, but the drip will dominate, and the main plant only provides an effort. However, this model also has a drawback, and the apple can find that the car company is not willing to do only one foundry, and there has never stopped in the dominant position.

On the other hand, if the drip is really a car, then compared with the advantages of other car companies lies in the formation of a self-ecological closed loop, from the webmark, driving, SF, freight, no one driving, then Undoubtedly, let the drip have more imagination space.

Of course, the dripping car will also face a series of problems, such as the car is a burning money without the bottom, and the drip is facing the key node of the listing; on the other hand, the dripping car will use lease or directly to buy. It also needs to be resolved.

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