On April 8, SAIC’s “2021 Science and Technology Experience Day” grand opening. At the event site, SAIC’s general car announced its leading technology and strategic layout in the field of electricity, intelligent network.

In the past 24 years, SAIC’s general car precisely grasped the era of pulsation, once a straight challenge, seized the opportunity, and continued to open the market. The first night, the event directly demonstrated the acceleration of SAIC’s acceleration, and before the construction of the future intelligence, the future intelligence of the future, continued to meet the unremitting efforts of consumers.

Although the heavy information released by this event, in the eyes of the author, in the new situation, the new pattern, the “2021 Science and Technology Experience Day” “2021 Science and Technology Experience Day” is worth fine.

First, SAIC GM adapts to the development trend of new technologies and achieves a comprehensive breakthrough.

Only in the fierce competitive environment, it can stand more and more.

Above the air of the “New Four” transition of the automobile, the industry’s game rules are being fully rewritten, and the core competitiveness is fully transferred by the manufacturing ends represented by hardware to innovative software represented by software.

At present, a scene dominant, software definition, data driver, and smart travel have been opened. This is the new engine that promotes the future development of the automotive industry. SAIC is naturally not missed, and it will increase investment, and seize in the new track. First machine, constructing technology as a comprehensive competitiveness of core.

To this end, by 2025, SAIC’s general car is expected to invest more than 50 billion yuan in the new technology field of electricity and intelligent network. Among them, the most important is that the Ultium platform is born, it integrates the 26-year electrification experience and prospective technical advantage of General Motors, which will bring flexible, intelligent, and safe electric solution to the Chinese market.

In particular, the Ultium platform has highly flexible technology openness, facing future intelligent properties, industry-leading battery safety.

With the three advantages of the Ultium platform, the three advantages of intelligence and security, SAIC GM will quickly drive the landing of the new generation of electric products. By 2025, SAIC’s General Motors will launch more than 10 Domestic new energy models based on Ultium platforms, covering three brands.

Second, the intelligent cockpit accelerates, building wisdom “third space”.

With the development of 5G, AI, big data, automotive chips and operating systems, the smart cockpit came. Moreover, consumers have also transformed from “single vehicle” to the “single vehicle”. As a core of implementing the “third space”, the smart cockpit will occupy an important position in future cars.

As an intelligent pioneer and leader, SAIC has a very rich experience in the vehicle network and smart cabin. In the “Second Engine” vehicle network, General Motors new generation VIP intelligent electronic architecture came into being.

The VIP intelligent electronic architecture has high-speed network data transmission capabilities, the full-vehicle level OTA update feature, aviation network security, and unlimited sustainable expansion potential, which can meet the needs of smart vehicles on higher levels of calculations and intelligence.

2025 years ago, a new generation of VIP intelligent electronic architecture will be applied to all new models of the three major brands of SAIC, and their products and technologies will continue to bring more fast, safe and intelligent travel experiences for consumers.

At the same time, SAIC GM is accelerating the application of intelligent cockpit systems.

The new generation of VCS virtual cockpit systems equipped with the strongest high-performance models of high performance SOCs, 33-inch bid-to-seeline screen, the world’s leading double-scented deep laser AR-HUD, a new generation of intelligent voice assistants, etc. High-specific hardware and technology, No inductive parking, smart complement, travel, commuting planning, etc.

It is reported that the system will be taken into the Cadillac model in 2022 and will be promoted to the top three brands. At that time, users of the majority of Shangqi General Motors will enjoy the ultimate experience of intelligent internet travel.

Third, intelligent driving is fully advanced, and smart travel refers to the day.

With the upgrade of consumers and the development of technology, future cars may become “four wheels + a supercomputer”, while smart driving has become the focus of consumers.

In terms of smart driving, SAIC GM Super Cruise Super Smart Driving System is equipped on the basis of China’s mass production model. This year, the enhanced Super Cruise Super Smart Driving System will initiate more auxiliary functions such as the Cadillac model, and increase the user experience.

In the future, the lack of smart cruise features will be applied to Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, more than 80% of the three brands, and achieve 100% full coverage in the Ultium platform model, the new generation of intelligent parking assist systems will pass more comprehensive knowledge technology. V2X Intelligent Transportation Technology will be equipped with a more model, truly brought the best smart vehicle experience. Write in the last:

In recent years, “Based on User Demand”, “Improve User Experience” has become a engine that drives vehicle enterprises. Only products that meet the trend of China’s consumption, brand, high-value and reasonable products can we get rid of intense homogenization competition.

The era of all things, intelligent technology has become the core competitiveness of the car, electrification platform, smart cockpit, smart driving, etc., directly defines the car. Under the new situation, SAIC GM has accurately grasps the industry trend, set off a powerful intelligent offensive, will truly realize the product, technology double lead, win the future.

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