As a fuel car owner, ask me what is the most annoying thing every month, it is to see the oil fee of about 1000 yuan in your own bill. Since this year, the national finished oil price has been adjusted in the fourth time, and the price increase of 270 yuan per ton, and oil is also returned to “7-strokes” again. Domestic refined oil is achieved. In this context, electric vehicles have highlighted a few dollars a few dollars, and the cost of low use is too fragrant.

So, as the biggest budget interval in the family car, what kind of electric car can I buy a budget for $ 150,000? We together look.

The geometric C subsidy is priced at 12.98-18.28 million yuan

As the high-end brand of Geely brand, the quality of geometric C naturally does not need to be suspected. Many little sisters are listening to the introduction, this is a SUV model, and SUV is so big, can SUV? In fact, this is a cross-border model between the car and the SUV model. The control is completely not a problem, and there will be no feeling of “ship”. Design smart, interior design is elegant. The interior of the car is a whole design or color, and it is a simple and generous route. Two multi-function keyboard plus knob shifts, so that this car has a mechanical beauty. In terms of endurance, there are two configurations in the NEDC working condition, 400 km and 500 kilometers, respectively.

ENA V subsidy is priced at 15.96-2.396 million yuan

As the electric motor brand under the Guangzhou Automobile, the market of the first few models is really good. As a third model of the Ensian family, this Ean V launched four different battery life, 400,500,530,600 kilometers, respectively. The overall shape of the body uses the design concept of opening a large-opening, with strong muscle sensation, manufacturers are named “Machine Beast” in the front face of this car, and can see how many “hard cores” “. In terms of the body size, the long-width height of the car is 4586/1920 / 1728mm, and the wheelbase has reached 2830mm, so that the size is already the strongest level, which is the reason for many consumers to choose it. The power part, the car is equipped with a 135-kilowatt permanent magnet synchronous motor, the highest cost of using only 14.8 kWh / 100 kilometers, which is only 20 yuan, which is really less than 20 yuan. Qianli.

Ok, there are many excellent new energy cars on the market. Here is just a few excellent models. As for how to choose, you will see how you measures a good car.

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