With the listing of BYD Song Plus DM-I, BYD’s heat has once again improved, in the price range of about 150,000, the competitiveness of Plus DM-I in BYD Song is very competitive. Recently, BYD’s hot iron has launched a pure version of BYD Song Plus EV, and the price is 169,800 yuan. So, what is the specific performance of this car? Let’s take a look.

Let’s look at its design, first is its front face, the front face is still the style of “Dragon Face 3.0”, the whole is a relatively round shape, and there is no line to modify, the texture is not bad. Representative a flat silver-plated chrome strip runs through the head, the Chinese character marking “Song” is printed in the middle, indicating that the identity, the headlights connected on both sides are not only sharp, but the internal design is also very strong. The three-dimensional sense of the lower part relative to the upper portion will be more clear, and the sharp angle that extends from the bottom of the bottom of the bottom is very like a sharp dragon claw, and the shape design is very beautiful.

The entire shape of the side is more texture, it is not particularly round, relative to the more squares, and the rectangular shape of the entire side is more obvious, and the waist line from the front headlights to the taillight light is visually elongated. The length also draws a strong level of hierarchy on the entire side, and it will not seem to be too smooth, more in line with the overall style of the entire body. The size of the hub is relatively small, but the design of the design is still more delicate and beautiful, and it is also an increase in the side to add a beautiful feeling.

The overall shape of the tail is round and very full, plus the overall smoothing, so the design of the entire tail is still “full”. The styling of the taillights is elongated. Plus a very fine silver chrome strip connection, the whole creates an effect of penetrating taillights, plus the following types of ventilation design, the sportiness of the whole car is also compared Strong. And I don’t know if you have noticed that the design surrounded by the end of its car is simply dealt, the whole car is very light, this is still very conforming to the aesthetics of young people.

The interior is still a classic design, which retains the organic air-conditioned air outlet design of the fuel car, but a 12.8-inch adaptive rotary suspended central control screen on the entire central console is very conspicuous, this design makes The interior technology is instantly full, and its dashboard is also a 12.3-inch full-liquid crystal shape, which meets the pursuit of the Chinese people. Not only that, the configuration of the car is also very attractive, do not say anything else, in the car’s K song, you can conquer most ages with “Song Xing Dream”.

In terms of power, Song Plus EV is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor. The maximum power of the motor reaches 135kW. Peak torque 280N · m matches 71.7 kWh lithium iron phosphate blade, the maximum battery life has reached 505km, this battery life is still enough For use, your daily life and commuter travel requirements are completely unsatisfactory, rest assured that boldly run, it is basically still driving a little long distance.

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