In 1885, Carl Benitz developed the world’s first gasoline car, which opened up a history of fuel cars for a hundred years, and with the continuous growth of the automotive industry, the amount of gasoline continued to increase, gasoline as the main The drawbacks of fuel are also more and more significant. On the one hand, a large amount of exhaust emissions will have pollution to the environment. On the other hand, the non-renewable resources will also be more and more shortage.

So, the automatic era of the car came, opened the second energy revolution of the car. But the charge is difficult, but mileage is, but the consumer is unable to solve in the hearts of consumers. In order to better solve the problem of fuel and electrification, the application of hydrogen energy in the car is gradually appearing in front of consumers. The energy revolution is once again turned.

In combination, it will go faster

In the automotive field, Toyota car calculated earlier use of hydrogen energy vehicles. As early as 7 years ago, in 2014, Toyota launched the first hydrogen energy car, name “Mirai”, which represents the future. However, this car was only experimental production at the time, and the number of quantities was not much. It could be a bit “Versailles”, because many new energy cars did not reach 10,000 units in their lives. Ended a short life.

Last year, Mirai’s second-generation model was officially launched in Japan. This version of Mirai has a lot of first generation performance, which can reach 182 horsepower and 134 kW’s maximum output power, and peak torque can also Take 300 Nm, which is almost the same as the current ordinary car in terms of power. In terms of battery life, high-profile versions of the vehicle can take a maximum of 850km, and the hydrogen-hydrogen energy is as defined in three minutes, and the fuel time is different when peace is different.

However, the development of hydrogen energy is not in volume production, or the improvement of model power and battery life, more development is reflected in the overall layout of the enterprise. At present, Toyota is a first-class automobile company, but a university is difficult to support the popularity of hydrogen energy and a series of infrastructure, which must be combined with more powerful enterprises to expand the scale.

So June 5, 2020, Toyota Motor United China First Auto Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Yifutong Technology Co., Ltd. and other companies Beijing signed a joint venture contract, jointly funded the “Joint Fuel Battery System R & D (Beijing) Co., Ltd.”, hoping to further popularize the development of hydrogen energy vehicles, promote the development of hydrogen energy.

And in recent days, Toyota’s hydrogen energy development has a more close message. Toyota Motors announced that its first hydrogen energy production, storage and supplementation facilities in Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia have been put into use. The facility is up to 80 kg per day.

Long-term layout, in order to choose freely

In China, there is also a company recently released an important news about the development of hydrogen energy, that is, the Great Wall.

On March 29, the Great Wall held a Hydroe Strategy Global Conference in Baoding Haval Technology Center. Under the witness of many experts, scholars, leadership, the Great Wall launched their own “hydrogen technology, as well as a series of development plans, and speaking on the top three of the global hydrogen energy market share in 2025, then it has What about this way?

In fact, the Great Wall has experienced more than ten years of research on hydrogen energy, but this is mainly due to its wholly-owned holding power (Shanghai Fuel Battery Automobile Power System Co., Ltd.) has 10 years of research and development experience. The Great Wall car itself is also five years for research on hydrogen energy.

In 2017, the Great Wall joined the International Hydroelectric Fuel Battery Association; in the same year, the international hydrogen capacity committee was the first Chinese member of the committee; in 2018, the first hydrogen energy technology center in China was established; in the same year, wholly-owned holding Shanghai Fuel Battery Car Power System Co., Ltd .; 2020, Great Wall took out the first battery sample. Time is compact, “pre-premedited”.

According to the plan, the development of hydrogen energy in Great Wall will be divided into three steps.

First of all, 2021 to 2025, will promote the innovative research and development of key demonstration cities, cultivate industry chain, promote industrialization of fuel cells and their key components; second, in 2025 to 2035, solar and biomass will be used to produce hydrogen energy In the global public service field, the vehicle promotes the promotion of hydrogen fuel cells, achieving energy demarcallization in the whole field; finally, 2035 to 2050, hydrogen energy economy will substantially replace the fossil energy economy, ultimately build hydrogen society, contribute carbon.

As a group of companies in this industry, Toyota and Great Wall cars will face a common problem. The upper and downstream industries can continue to have a harmonious scale between the products, users, and base stations. Any one ring will not be slightly caught, and it will have a major impact on the development of hydrogen energy. In this unknown field, no one is willing to take out risks out of this. In order to solve the problem of industrial integration in the industry, Great Wall Motors announced at this global conference that in the future, the Great Wall will build “system-storage-transport-add” integrated hydrogen supply chain, build and Improve the industry’s ecological circle.

Wei Jianjun said: When there is no final technical direction, we must lay together, and then filter the appropriate technical route according to policy requirements or market demand. Even if some technological investment may eventually have no return, even pay money ‘, we also have to lick these’ hard bones. From the past two years of policies, the Great Wall did not compare the wrong treasure.

Policy support, why is the hydrogen energy car process still slow?

In 2021, it was the year of China’s “14th Five-Year Plan”, in the “14th Five-Year Plan” of this year, hydrogen energy has been included in the strategic emerging industry, and there is still standing on the tower of the wind.

The “Government Work Report” in 2019 proposed “promoting charging, hydrogenation facilities”. This starts from the central level to support the layout of the charging pile and the hydrogen station, and with the advent of the “new infrastructure” wave, the construction of charging piles and hydrogenation stations further speeds up, and the infrastructure of hydrogen energy has been further protected. .

Although the policy promotes the development of hydrogen energy, it has been in progress in my country. The hydrogen energy car is still slower, mainly due to its core technology to be broken.

Li Yonglin, member of the National Committee of China, China Petrochemical Tianjin Petrochemical Company Party Committee, said: my country’s hydrogen energy and fuel cell automotive industry has some gap and the international advanced level, and key technologies have to be further improved, part of the core zero Components also require domestic. In this regard, he also suggests that it should be used as a government-dominated, joint enterprise and research and development agency, and concentrate on the breakthrough of core technology and equipment, and create a complete self-supplied link, further promotion of the development of the industry, this point and Great Wall Motor Don’t worry.

In addition to technical concerns, the safety consideration is also an important reason why hydrogen energy vehicles fall.

Like electricity, hydrogen energy is also a flammable problem, and even there is an explosive risk. At present, there have been a problem of exudation of explosion, factories such as hydrogen energy storage tanks, factories in foreign countries, which triggered concerns from all walks of life. “There are many hydrogen explosions abroad. This should be a safety alarm. If China has a bombing accident in the process of high songs in the industry, this explosion will touch the sensitive nerve of the central leaders and the people, and the impact of the industry is Unmeasureable. “

Xiong Huayen, deputy director of the Energy Efficiency Center of the National Development and Reform Commission, expressed concerns about hydrogen safety. Therefore, there is no more comprehensive grasp, the development of the industry is not necessarily good.

At last:

Hydrogen energy is a new energy in the automotive industry, which can play unrecognizable. At present, Great Wall and Toyota calculates enterprises in the industry, but due to problems such as technical and scale, hydrogen energy vehicles have not been batch. In front of the consumer, with the gradual support of the policy, the improvement of technology and more supporters, I believe this new automotive energy revolution can be enthusiastic.

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