Whether it is in the mobile phone market, it is still tempting the interests of the auto market. The mobile phone manufacturers have become a common phenomenon in the industry. There is a three-star, and there is Apple, Huawei, today has Xiaomi.

The Lei Jun said that the fastest needed for three years to launch the first car.

For three or five years, it is necessary to solve funds, qualifications, manufacturing, supply chain cost control, quality control, but also to overcome intelligent network technology, establish branding and sales channels, Xiaomi is really doing this Are you ready?

Qualification and SET can resolve the cost management and control of supply chain through funding?

Car asset weight, long investment, high investment cost, there are still many uncertainties in the consumer market, so there must be a cash cow support, and this is also a comparative car index of Xiaomi.

The Xiaomi Group was established in 2010, and the income of the colonies in 2020 reached 245.86 billion yuan, the scale expansion is extremely fast, the net profit reached 20.31 billion yuan, the net profit margin was higher than the Huawei 1% of Huawei, and the gross profit level gradually became smooth. .

From the growth of performance and profitability, Xiaomi has great development potential, and the current profit level supports the business business is also very promising.

Hengda Automobile 2020 is not 6% of Xiaomi Group, and the car has accumulated 47.4 billion. Xiaomi Group has confidence that the external financing is contrasting to constantly, it is very convincing.

It is not a problem with financial support, qualification, and foundry production. Xiaomi is being harmonized and the car is implemented, the Great Wall, Baowo, BYD, Beiqi’s new energy will be sent out will be a small meter, and individuals believe that the possibility of the founder is also relatively large. Which one will go Time floats.

However, despite the distribution, these issues can be solved by funds, but supply chain cost management and quality control, related to the quality and profit margin, which is the process of trusting control of the vehicle factory, not only need to invest costs, but also Considering the long-term profits, cost management is also required, and it is necessary to take care of quality.

Supply chain cost management and quality control is a long-term ability. Before Xiaomi, you can focus on your mobile phone field, but there is no longer car industrial chain, and the automobile is high, and the requirements of the safety, the accuracy of the parts are high than the mobile phone. Many hundred years of old enterprises will have problems in the quality of automobiles, let alone Xiaomi, just prepared to enter, and it is difficult to know.

Smart cockpit or breakthrough?

New energy vehicles and traditional cars pull the distance from the distance in the power domain, the smart network and the automatic driving part, and the last two is a lot of new entrants chooses to enter this market.

Why do we feel that the smart cockpit will become a breakthrough in the smart network technology, because of the automatic driving, the power domain, the smart cockpit is more close to Xiaomi existing business.

Smart cabins include underlying hardware, operating systems, middleware, applications and HMIs.

The underlying hardware is mainly chip, Xiaomi discloses an image processing chip applied to mobile phones at the previous meeting, and claims to be applied to folding screens released at the same time.

Although the consumer chip is higher than the car chip threshold than the car chip, the car chip is strict than the mobile phone chip, Xiaomi chooses to show muscles at this time point, should also give consumers more Confidence.

Moreover, Xiaomi’s investment chip company has a lot of chips, in addition to mobile phones, there are automobile-related BYD semiconductors, semiconductor intelligent manufacturing related Nanjing Taili Technology, investment range covers semiconductor materials, chip design, semiconductor equipment and other industrial chains Each link.

So on the underlying chip, the overhead investment layout and experience of Xiaomi should be in the end of the vehicle.

As for the operating system, Xiaomi’s MIUI system on the mobile phone according to the approved application of Android system is very different from the operating system of the mobile phone. This seems to have a large growth space, and the vehicle network and the ADAS system in the middleware are also.

Xiaomi also has an experience in developing App, and develops home interconnection and the ecology that has been established, so millet is at least based on the car application layer and HMI.

Therefore, from these dimensions, the probability of smart cockpit is still very large.

In addition, the awareness of Xiaomi Investment and Xiaopeng, accumulated in the automatic driving level, and Xiaomi’s detours of the bend should be less.

Does Xiaomi have the pattern of mobile phones?

At present, Xiaomi only announces focusing on smart electric vehicle business, but I don’t know which market segment, low-end car, middle-end car or high-end car, different levels of cars are different, low-end cars There may be no high-end cars in the brand.

According to the hot models on the market, the low-end cars are created from absolute costs, or otherwise high-end brands, because the mid-end electric car is currently compared with the fuel truck, cost-effective There is basically no advantage.

Xiaomi mobile phone expands the market with low-end and cost performance, and now I have been separated by the brand to try to go to the high side. The low-end car and high-end cars have a successful case in the automotive market. The medium-end cars form competition with the fuel-car market. At present, the market space is still relatively large. If the car is really a price, Xiaomi Is it possible to follow the development ideas of mobile phones? However, whether it is to enter which market, the brand is the result of the long-term accumulation of product quality, service and other indicators in the business process, not the work of the day. However, about branding, we can first determine that Xiaomi’s popularity in the whole society is still very worthy of recognition, this can see the reaction of the community when the small rice official is declared. Xiaomi’s fan community established in the mobile phone, is also very likely to translate into a car consumption user, but this possibility is not known, after all, the mobile phone is not a magnitude consumer product.

In addition, we believe that millet should be advantageous. Traditional car companies rely on the dealer, after entering the car forces choose to sell in the direct operation, and these two ways, Xiaomi can choose, because Xiaomi has both a line of millet home, and has its own online sales. Channels, combined with the automotive sales market, believe that the fast laying network is not a problem.

So the core problem of millet products is, those who don’t start and have a short-term funds, such as automatic driving technology, supply chain cost management, control, brand power, is a long-term investment of manpower and material resources. Puzzle.

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