On April 7, BYD held a online conference, which announced four electric models, including two Tang EV and E2, and Qin Plus and Song Plus, four cars covered 10-3 million price ranges.

PS: The price unit is 10,000 yuan, the model is pure tram type

Wang Chuanfu said that the pure tram type of BYD will carry a blade battery. However, on the current situation, it seems a bit difficult for the short-term matching blade battery.

BYD has sold 1.63 million in March. According to 2020 and previous sales data, BYD’s pure electric models are about 100,000 per year, and the average is about 8,000 vehicles per month. If the Han The sales volume of months is around 10,000, and the annual sales may be possible to sprint 200,000.

So if the amount of power in BYD is calculated according to 60KWH-70KWH (near Han’s power), it takes at least 12-14GWH capacity for a year 200,000.

BYD’s current blade battery capacity is mainly concentrated in the Lushan factory, planning capacity is 20GWH, which is mainly used in “Han”.

According to the sales volume in January and February 2021, the installed capacity is less than 1GWH, which is concerned, and the Lushan plant currently has two yields. Therefore, even if the capacity of Han can keep up, other series of models are equipped with blade batteries.

However, the whole-stranded blade battery should be not far away, because BYD is planning the blade battery capacity in the big knife.

According to the layout of Fu Di, Chongqing, Xi’an, Hunan Ningxiang planned 20GWH, 30GWH and 20GWH, respectively, new production capacity. In addition, Jane, Anhui Province, also planned 20GWH blade battery capacity. At this point, the blade battery is planned to produce 90GWH.

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