He Xiaopeng and Li Bin

“They photographed the shots I cried.”

In the next day, the car CEO Li Bin said to his wife. Wife responded, “You are not crying for others, crying for your son is OK.”

Li Bin said that when he accepted the CCTV “Meet the big coffee” column, he talked about it too little time and emotion. When Li Bin, Li Bin was taken to Zhejiang Yiwu, and participated in a military affection.

After less than two months, the CCTV “Meet the big coffee” column is also on the car in the car, records Xiaopeng Ceo Ho Xiaopeng, with a long time of the children who have not seen the children’s video chat.

In front of the lens, He Xiaopeng did not drop tears, but from his face, he can see the missed the child’s miss, and the exhaustion after the day of work.

The founder of the two newly made, ordinary family life is a little extravagant.

“Meet the big coffee” interview with Li Bin and He Xiaopeng, let us see another side of the new car company. They have different character, and the style is very different. This also allows us to further understand, what kind of company is the company and Xiaopeng.


Li Bin: Work and family balance? impossible

Li Bin is good at communicating with people, and it is more like this.

From the point of view, he is like a star, is surrounded by the propan of users, or asks for signature, or requires to join live, or just chat. Whether it is on the stage or under the stage, Li Bin has a piece of users, and there is no peer of the boss of the boss.

At the party of Route, Li Bin, Li Bin hugged the son of the riders and gently kiss. The little boy is completely unscrupulous, holding Li Bin’s neck, and also kissed a bite on his face, attracting people present.

Li Bin holds the child of the user

At this time, Li Bin has never seen his children in more than ten days.

In the tracking of Li Bin’s tracking interview in “Meeting big coffee”, he is almost not seeing the car owner, just on the way to see the riders.

In his own words, in addition to engage in research and development, other times are with users. Especially in 2019, it is the most difficult year, there are 5 months weekend, he is spent with users.

After the end of Ningbo Che Youhui, Li Bin rushed to Yiwu and participated in the local riders.

On the car, when I talked to the family, Li Bin said that his family is a double-creating family, and his wife is also entrepreneurship. Because of the job, he is going to run all over the country, even if he returns to Beijing, he often does not see two children because he is late.

Once, because I have to do it early, Li Bin saw the big son of the kindergarten in a person who had breakfast. The child said that Dad, you are very busy recently. Li Bin replied, yeah, it is very busy, no way … told a few sons, his eyes were wet, and he could not talk about it again.

This is the beginning of this article, Li Bin has a small swallow in front of the camera.

Li Bin said that it is impossible to do the family and business balance, and it is impossible. If time is placed, it is unfair to the family, and everyone is speaking.

On the road, he is exciting to show the photo of the child to pull the radish in the mobile phone, and the wrinkles on the face are open, which is more happy than the sale or any other work.

The same is rare, and there is no smile, we also saw it on He Xiaopeng.


He Xiaopeng: Empty home, one of a person

A Sunday, 2021, He Xiaopeng was busy in Guangzhou’s office, and it was already dark. He has time and the doctor to call the father.

When the company is the busiest, the father has once again reserved the ICU, because the epidemic, He Xiaopeng can’t accompany, can only understand the condition by phone and doctors. The house leaks, lives in the rain, the mother also entered the hospital because they lived, and they went to the hospital during the day, and went to the hospital to visit the mother at night.

From the hospital, on the car home, He Xiaopeng received a video call from his wife. Looking at the child who had been visible for a long time on the screen, he asked his son. It was not a new pajamas. He also deliberately improved tone, smiled and praised his son very handsome, the children looked very good.

The wife answered, “pajamas is old, because you haven’t seen it. Three children have two sick, I have a cough and vomiting, just when I have worked hard, you didn’t see it.”

After a short video with your family, He Xiaopeng continued to reply to work on your mobile phone. He said that he didn’t know how much to say every day, from 8:00 pm to 1 point, it was talking.

In fact, although many times can’t see the hardships of their wife, He Xiaopeng can feel the same. At the listing ceremony of Xiaopeng Auto 2020, he deliberately put his wife to go to step, praised her “hero’s mother”, but also shouted “Long live”, it seems to talk about He Xiaopeng.

He Xiaopeng and wife

However, in the conversation with the reporter, He Xiaopeng did not talk more about more families, maybe it was too tired, maybe in this science man, saying that the family trivial significance is not big – and at work, he wants It is a problem that solves the problem, not a simple proposed problem. In his eyes, just saying that the problem does not say the program is “correct nonsense”.

In September 2020, Xiaopeng Automobile and Guangzhou Development Zone Management Committee has reached an agreement, and Cales offers 4 billion yuan financing, which is used to support Xiaopeng to build a new plant in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a lot of time to be put into production, delivered, and the engineering pressure is large. During the period, the two vice president of Xiaopeng had a difference between 40 million costs, and to find He Xiaopeng discussion. After listening to the statement of the two, He Xiaopeng immediately took the board, saying “We are guided by efficiency, don’t have to be 歪歪, this money (40 million) is from 4 billion (financing), there is no helves.

Not only the requirements of employees, He Xiaopeng is tough to the competitor’s provocation.

At the Guangzhou Auto Show in November 2020, Xiaopeng released the new version of P7 and a new generation of automatic driving system. At this moment, Tesla CEO Mask accused this driving system plagiarized Tesla.

Xiaopeng Public Relations team hopes to solve this thing with a more easeous attitude, but He Xiaopeng does not dry. He and colleagues said that others are so polite? Subsequently, the transferred a friend circle, slamming Tesla “is unable to defeat the competitors. Beginning next year, in China’s automatic driving, you have to prepare, we can’t do it,”

“I am very urgent, I have to be unhappy, I have to say it.” He Xiaopeng said.

Ending an interview, returning to Guangzhou home is late. Open the door, there is a little loneliness at home.

It turned out that Ho Xiaopeng’s wife took three children to school in Hong Kong. Every time I returned to Guangzhou, He Xiaopeng’s life is normal. For this state of life, He Xiaopeng does not say much. After a few hours of rest at home, the next morning, he had to repeat a busy day.

“Live” is not just He Xiaopeng.

Li Bin, who is far away from Shanghai, has also moved out of the star hotel where he lived in the past, and lived in a small apartment in a small apartment. In addition to a few beds, furniture, and a electric heating, there is almost no decoration in the house. He picked up a book of the bed, told reporters that the “Long March” of the Documentary Literature, who recently watched Wang Shu, said that he is not a matter of difficulty than the Red Army.

I will go out, Li Bin took a few paper towels, squatting down the shoes that had been wearing it, smiled and said, “I am very rubbed by the shoes.”


User Enterprise VS Product Enterprise

For Li Bin and He Xiaopeng, whether it is Guangzhou’s home, or Shanghai’s apartment, is like a place to rest, or another office location.

Leaving the residence, they have to face countless files, the employees who seek reply, and growing users. Communicate with riders across the country, and it has become an important part of the work of two people.

Different, Li Bin is like a natural speaker, whether in the stage, or participate in the owner, can talk, and all people around them become a piece. He Xiaopeng, although talked about Xiaopeng’s product characteristics, it is also much more natural than the number of people when communicating with users.

He Xiaopeng said that with the customer exchange, it is broken through his own short board, and the colleagues dragged forward, because with him, other executives of Xiaopeng may not be good at running. “They (responsible for customers and public relations), I will kick me later, I am forced to communicate (exchange).” He laughed.

Not just not good at communicating with users, He Xiaopeng is not passionate about the media, and enterprises.

In his words, in the Internet enterprise, as long as you do a good job, the so-called “people don’t ask me, I don’t ask for people”, but in the automotive industry, the supply chain is more integrated, people to deal more, there are many people, there are many people. I often feel that I have done enough (communication).

Li Bin and He Xiaopeng, interacting with outsiders, an active, passive. This is not just the difference between the two people, but also reflects the different enterprises of the awareness and Xiaopeng cars, or says Li Bin’s words, it is the business underlying logic of the enterprise.

In March 2021, Li Bin once published the “Thinking and Practice of Innovation Service” on the “Review of Automobile Experts”.

He believes that electric cars, or intelligent electric vehicles are all in the best user experience than fuel vehicles. If the user experience is limited to the car itself, it will not solve this problem, so the user experience must extend to the service. Specifically, there are two problems in the core, first, power supply; second, maintenance.

This explains why it will be aware of the import of heavy privileges, including investment in the boosting power station, including increasing the investment of “Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang, etc.” Maintenance and repair services, and the latest second-hand car service.

Jid to recover the power station (as of March 28, 2021)

In the eyes of Li Bin, the Better Place of the electric nose is finally ended in the year. The key is that the exchange business of this company is essentially a business, but not truly considering from the user experience.

If it is a typical user company, then Xiaopeng is a product company. Capture the demand, launch the product, quickly iterate, this is the core competitiveness of Xiaopeng.

The first car that is really defined by He Xiaopeng should be the second quantity of car P7 of Xiaopeng.

In April 2020, Xiaopeng P7 was listed. When the car came out, I grabbed two high-rise points: China’s largest battery life, exceeding Model 3; Based on the “strongest automatic driving hardware frame structure”, the most powerful automatic driving hardware architecture “is created. Although it is a later person, Xiaopeng P7 grabs the smart label and attracts a batch of users. With this product definition, after the listing of P7, it quickly became the main model of Xiaopeng Automobile. He Xiaopeng released the scene in Xiaopeng P7

Products companies have not only quickly launched products, but also iterations are fast. Soon, the media pays attention to Xiaopeng in testing P5, this car is more powerful – it is possible to be the first smart electric vehicle equipped with laser radar.

P7 has launched Peng Wing Edition and started in March. The lithium iron phosphate version P7 began delivery in May.

For the first word of mouth is not too good, Xiaopeng is also iterative. The lithium iron phosphate version G3 was launched in April. At the end of the third quarter, Xiaopeng will begin to deliver the medium-term change model of G3.

In the age of software, Xiaopeng Motors also have other competitors’ software iterative speeds. On the basis of automatic driving XPilot 3.0 smooth research and development, Xiaopeng will speed up the development of XPilot 3.5, 4.0. In 2022, Xpilot 3.5 will be equipped on a mass production vehicle. Xpilot 4.0 may also be released in 2022, actually loading in 2023.

In addition to the automatic driving assistance system, Xiaopeng’s intelligent operating system XMART OS is also continuing.

The product that Xiaopeng car just started to launch may not be too good, but it iterates the progress of the product, but it is very fast.

At this time, He Xiaopeng, the gods, and the future confidence of Xiaopeng cars, no more than a year ago.

In 2019, China’s new energy automotive industry has never been unprecedented, and it has also achieved collapse due to fund pressure.

Recalling the scene at the time, He Xiaopeng spoke, “Li Bin did high-end, I made a high-end, he was in ICU (intensive care room), I was ready to enter the ICU. I was only 3 billion cash, but we didn’t have 20 billion to save. Do not live. “

So he proposed to Li Bin, if it was a merger with Xiaopeng, would it? This may be able to avoid the death of the death and Xiaopeng seems to be close at hand.

Although it is a joke, the two new car companies are already at the moment of life and death.

Ok, with the user of the king and products, they all live in the most brutal winter and live better. The financial report of the two companies showed that in 2020, it was aid that the hair profit and gross profit margin were both transit; Xiaopeng also achieved gross profit.

In 2021, the sales momentum of Wei Jia and Xiaopeng continued to be good, progressing in China’s new energy passenger car sales list, 2 months before this year, Xiaopeng also exceeded the ideal, and became the second new year Name, second only to 蔚.

Looking back, Li Bin and He Xiaopeng, these two new forces of the two acting, and the new forces, the same, and finally lead the company. They believe that the routes and directions they choose will not be wrong.


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