A few days ago, the Great Wall Motor Wey Brand Car Evaluation Institute held a seminar for “Decoding Intelligent Mixed DHT Technology Exploration Wey Zhido”, with depth decoding WT intelligent mixed DHT technology advantages and characteristics.

In October 2020, “Energy Saving and New Energy Automobile Technology Road Map (2.0)” officially released, clearly indicating that the annual sales volume of my country’s energy-saving automobile and new energy vehicles in 2035 will each account for 50%, and the traditional energy power passenger cars will be all Transforming into mixing power.

This means that it has never gained a clear-supporting mobile technology route that has been explicitly supported, and will usher in the development of spring. Especially after the “carbon peak” “carbon neutral”, hybrid technology has become the focus of many cars. However, before this, China’s automobile brand that active mixing technology is not much, and Great Wall car maintains a stable strategic force, with “hard bones” with hybrid technology to break the joint venture brand. Monopoly in the field of dynamics.

March 28th to 29th, the Great Wall Motor Wey Brand and Car Evaluation Research Institute held a seminar for “decoding intelligent mixed DHT technology to explore the newness”, depth decoding WT intelligent mixed DHT technology Advantage and characteristics. After the seminar, the participating experts also deeply experienced the new model of the Wey brand’s first technology – Macchiato, which was strictly reviewed for this mixing technology in the WEY brand.

Wei Jianjun, chairman of Great Wall Auto Co., Ltd., revealed that wey intelligent mixed DHT technology is the technical crystallization of Great Wall Auto independence, completely independently developed, and is also a powerful manifestation of cleaning and low carbonization in the automotive industry. Today, the Wey brand is the first advanced technology, which also marks the barriers to China’s car brands dare to break the joint venture brand in the mixed field.

It is understood that wey intelligent mixed DHT has two architectures of HEV and PHEV, covering three mixed combinations and multiple drive patterns, achieving full-speed domains, full-time applications, while cracking consumer mileage anxiety while can bring Come lower fuel consumption and power.

It is reported that this mixed technology is the first to apply to the Wey brand Macchiao model. After the session of the session, the multi-industry technical experts also experience the actual performance of Wey intelligent mixed DHT technology through high-ring and dynamic sections. It is reported that Wey Macchiat is a HEV model that cannot be numbered in the domestic mixed SUV market. The car accelerates only 4.1 seconds, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers can be completed within 8.5 seconds.

At the same time, Wey intelligent mixed DHT can be real-time intelligent to switch EV driving, mixed drive, series driver, energy recovery, idle shutdown, etc., so that the engine works in the optimum efficiency interval, achieving up to 50% of fuel Rate, so that the vehicle is only 4.7L 100 kilometers, the maximum battery can reach 1,100 kilometers.

Xu Xiangyang, director of the School of Traffic Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Xu Xiangyang, director of the Institute of Academic Committee, National Passenger Car Automatic Transmission Engineering Technology Research Center, said that the difficulty of intelligent mixing technology is in crown level, and Wey intelligent mixed DHT technology The “improved improvement in the competition”, but through the innovation of the configuration and the first use of the two-port bridge, the leading innovation is achieved.

Apply Hua Jianhua, deputy secretary general of the China Automotive Industry Association, said that the development process of Great Wall Auto can deeply feel that this is a very daily enterprise, and this is also a company that really comes out from the market, with a strong market. Consciousness, when the industry has not given a full development policy, Great Wall cars can take the initiative to deepen their mixing technology, which makes the industry are sincere. For automotive companies, we must develop in accordance with objective laws, through continuous technology accumulation of the entire industry.

It is reported that at the Shanghai International Auto Show in 2021, the Wey brand will also release more information around the intelligent mixed DHT technology and the product of the technology.

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