In some sci-fi movie works, we can see people’s ideas for the future world. In the future, the most impressive should be the future car. The future car can not only drive on the road, but some can be flying low, and even more people do not need drivers driving, and the car can be automatically driving, send passengers to the designated location. And this technology is what we said today.

With the rapid development of new energy, many intelligent also developed, unmanned as an important manifestation of automobile intelligence, it is very important. As we all know, my country’s new energy vehicles have developed very good and intelligent has always made new breakthroughs. This is not, the first quantity of bunters with unmanned technology is immediately listed, it is Weima W6, which will be officially launched on the Shanghai Auto Show on April 19. Let’s take a look at this intelligent electric SUV.

In terms of appearance, Weima W6 gives people a sense of technology, especially the front face penetrating light strip design, which is very eye-catching at night. The side design of the car emphasizes the sense of movement, whether it is a curve or a proportion, it is just that the long-width height of Weimar W6 is 4620/1847 / 1730mm, if you don’t look at the data, you may not see this is a Compact SUV. In addition to the modifications on the line, black and white color matching is given a full visual impact. However, Weima W6 also has some unsatisfactory places, such as the hub will be a little smaller for such a body. The tail design of Weimar W6, echoes each other with the front face, all using the through-type light strip design, very beautiful.

In terms of interior, it is first reflected in the eye, and the three LCD screens are, in operation, Weima W6 tries to use virtual buttons, and the design of the unacttapped button has also increased the science of science. It is worth mentioning that the unmanned parking system mounted, truly did not need people to control, the owner can directly operate the car into the garage, or open from the garage. Technology experience is very good.

Finally, I said that the power of the Maximum power is 160kW, the maximum battery is divided into two versions of 520km and 620km. From the current battery life environment, such refund is medium-oriented. . How, do you interested in the pure electric SUV of this unmanned technology?

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