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On March 31, China Electric Motors organized a 2021 major topic “Automotive, Transportation, Energy Collaborative Realization Carbon Metallic Summary, Path and Policy Research”. The first discussion symposium. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ouyang Ming, vice chairman of China Electric Motors, was attended and hosted this seminar as a convener of this research topic. Zhao Yongqiang, director of the National Development and Reform Commission Energy Research Institute, Department of Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Tsinghua University, Department of Executive Vice President, Department of Energy and Environment and Economics, Tsinghua University, European Examination, Beijing University Energy Research Institute Yang Fuqiang, the special researcher of Peking University Energy Research Institute, Chief Experts, China Automotive Technology Research Center, Copping, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd., Copping, etc. Renewable energy development, automotive and traffic reduction technology and path, policy methods, etc. Sharing their own research progress, multi-vehicle manufacturing, components, energy and other key enterprise representatives attended.

Figure | Wang Hewu China Electric Motors Phase Paper Deputy Secretary General

Figure | Zhu Jin China Electric Motors Phase Minister of Research

Wang He Wu, deputy secretary-general of China Electric Motors, and the minister of the Research Department, Zhu Jin, representative issues, first introduced the research background, research content and work plan of this topic. Since the 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping has issued 2030 Carbon peaks, 2060 carbon neutralization, how to participate in and promote the achievements of two carbon objectives, and become the focus of people from all walks of life. Hundreds of people will be adjusted to develop, automotive, transportation and energy sectors must be developed to achieve carbon peak objectives. As a cross-departmental, cross-industry, interdisciplinary collaborative research platform, hundreds of people will give full play to the platform advantage of “cross-border integration, collaborative innovation”, integrate industry expert resources, and jointly develop the car, traffic, energy industry in achieving double carbon How to coordinate and interact in the goal.

Figure | Academician Ouyang Ming High School of Science, China Electric Motors Vice Chairman

Ouyang Ming’s vice chairman emphasized that new energy intelligent vehicles were new energy intelligence vehicles in the fourth industrial revolution, the main characteristics of fossil energy transition from fossil energy, and the main characteristics of green development and intelligent development. Will be leader, the entire energy chemical and electricity will be changed. To this end, hundreds of people will set up this topic, further clarify the important positioning and role of electric vehicles in the industry, especially in the carrier effect and platform role in automobiles, traffic, energy integration.

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Next, the topical group will cooperate with multi-sectoral, multi-industry, multidisciplinary research power, organize cross-sectoral seminars, carry out deep investigation of automobiles, energy, transportation and other enterprises, build international exchange platforms, and further study synergistic goals and paths, classes Futuristic technical path with commercial path. During the study, the number of stage research results will be organized, and the final report will be released to the industry during the China Electric Vehicle 100-member Forum (2022).

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