With the small rice officials, the new round of the car is coming.

Prior to Xiaomi, there were already Apple, Huawei, Baidu, Xiaomi, Foxconn and other technology / Internet giants, have entered the intelligent electric vehicle track.

In the past year, Tesla is representative, including the new forces, the ideal, Xiaopeng, and the market value festival climbed.

Tesla’s market value exceeded 800 billion US dollars – this is equivalent to the market value of 4 Toyota cars at that time.

The “Car” is given to the business expectation.

It can be said that with the “car”, these companies will open the new era of wealth.

1, three types of players in the newly stored

If we divide according to time, the intelligent electric car entrepreneurship has ushered in the three-wave window period [1]:

The first wave window period is in 2015 to 2018.

Represented by Xinyi, Xiaopeng, Ideal and other new forces.

The second wave window is concentrated in 2019-12020.

Representatives with traditional car companies, launch intelligent electric car independent brands, including: (SAIC),  (Dongfeng), Extreme Fox (Beiqi), Salon Issue (Great Wall), etc .;

The third wave window occurs in 2021.

Apple, Baidu, Xiaomi and other mobile / Internet giants have announced the car.

If you use a word to summarize the common point of these three waves, then it is not “smart”.

Now, everyone’s expectation of smart cars, is not on Jobs, said in the year: Apple reinvents the phone (Apple Reinvents the Phone).

From the competitive elements, the automotive industry is showing a big trend: the competitiveness of the car products will be the intelligent ability of the car.

Therefore, “intelligent is new luxury”, which has gradually become a consensus of traditional car companies and new forces.

The current Apple, Huawei, Baidu, Xiaomi – these strength and innovative technology / Internet giants still have the opportunity to become a “seed player” of innovation cars.

2, “Intelligent” will become the core of future cars

It is indispensable to create an electric car facing future.

Xu Zhijun, chairman of Huawei, said that “70% of the future car value is not on the traditional body, the chassis, but the software that is automatically driven, and the calculation and connection technology.”

Morgan Stanley mentioned in an automatic driving industry report that the hardware value of the current vehicle value occupied by 90%, the software occupied 10%, the value of the hardware value of the whole vehicle will drop to 40%, the software value rises To 40%, the content value is increased to 20%.

Further, software-defined cars will gradually become mainstream.

The core behind the software is a car intelligence including smart driving, smart cockpit, etc.

Take the leader of the smart electric vehicle Tesla as an example:

According to Anxin Securities, Tesla FSD subscription services are expected to contribute 1/4 Maori [2] in 2025.

In the short term, Tesla 2025 FSD revenue is nearly $ 7 billion, accounting for nearly 9% of Tesla car business revenue, contributing 25% of the auto business.

Looking at the medium and long term, FSD will switch to the business model of software subscription services. It is expected that 2030 subscription service revenue is expected to exceed $ 16 billion / year.

This also allows more people to see that the huge potential to define the car, as well as the change of intelligent business representatives representing automatic driving to the smart automotive business model.

In 2020, a major strategy for the proployment is to re-build a smart driving research and development system, including the responsible person of the recruitment algorithm, Ren Shaoqing, hardware leader Bai Jian, and the promotion of Zhang Jian Yong as the head of the intelligent driving system. 【2】

In January this year, on the Nio Day, it was also available, and the NAD (Nio AutoMous Driving) automatic driving subscription service was launched, and the monthly service fee was 680 yuan.

At the telephone financial report meeting last November, the ideal indication will expand 3 times the automatic driving team in the first half of 2021, and released the automatic parking system based on the current hardware platform in 2021, and reaching the L4-level automatic driving in 2022. Xiaopeng started autonomous research and development automatic driving in 2017, and now I have tasted the sweetness in this regard. Recently, according to Xiaopeng Automobile CEO He Xiaopeng revealed that the penetration rate of NGP of Xiaopeng P7 has reached 50%.

To a large extent, the future car market is intelligent with the smart driving and smart cockpit, which will be the main factor in kicked the user experience gap and is the key to the differentiated competition with other car companies.

3, the third wave of new forces, who will make the most “smart” car

(1) Apple: Tesla, it is a long-term opponent

At the end of last year, the news about Apple’s car is once again exposed by foreign media. Apple releases many news in automatic driving, foundry, automotive chip development, car batteries, laser radar selection, etc.

According to this information, we can roughly spell out the appearance of Apple Automobile:

A high-end pure electric vehicle model with high-level automatic driving ability, equipped with advanced smart cockpit, has a subversive user experience.

It is worth noting that in order to reinforce automatic driving research and development strength, the 2019 Apple also recruits the Drive.ai team in the box, and the Apple’s automatic driving team has top talents from Waymo, Cruise.

Morgan Stanley has analyzed: Apple invested nearly $ 19 billion in 2019 for automobile development.

As a contrast, the 2019 Global Automotive Industry is used in R & D car funds between $ 80 billion to $ 100 billion.

This means that Apple’s investment on the car project has accounted for 20% of the global auto industry.

Up to now, Apple has gained many patents in the core fields of automatic driving, battery technology, and smart cockpit, which also allows many bus companies to treat Apple as the greatest opponent in the future.

Although Tesla CEO Mask ridiculously passed the apple, he thought Apple was its greatest competitor.

In January of this year, Li Bin, CEO, also said that Apple will be a long-term competitor due to the same development ideas.

(2) Baidu product:

In this case, Baidu is a player that cannot be ignored.

In January this year, Baidu official official decree a car, announced the establishment of intelligent electric car companies with Geely.

In March, Baidu and Geely joint venture – a set car was formally established.

The collection of car registered capital is 2 billion yuan, of which Baidu holds 55%. That is, the collection car is directed by Baidu, Geely.

Baidu CEO Li Yanhong said in receiving media interviews that the first model of the model is expected to be launched later in 2024, and will integrate Baidu’s most advanced automatic driving technology and AI capabilities.

There is no doubt that the centralization of the model will reinstate the product form of the car with Baidu in software, big data, Internet services, artificial intelligence, automatic driving, Baidu maps.

This means that Baidu’s technology plus the Geely Vehicle Platform will be the infrastructure of a centralized car.

The starting point of Baidu’s car is not as low.

1 Software to define cars has gradually become industry consensus. Baidu has more than 20,000 employees, while software development and Internet services are the cornerstone of Baidu business development, Baidu has the most recognized Internet technology team in the industry.

Baidu search, map, post bar and other core products are national products with hundreds of millions of users, which enables Internet companies to have traditional car companies that are difficult to match and understand the user.

2 In intelligent driving, Baidu Apollo has thousands of R & D engineers. Baidu has a small car in the cabinet field fist level product, which is also connected to the mobile, home end, and vehicle-end cross-platform interactive entrance.

Baidu has also released a combination of smart driving sectors such as parking end AVP (automatic parking) + driving ANP (pilot auxiliary driving).

At present, AVP has been launched in AVP in AVP in AVP. The ANP is also about to open a commercial landing journey.

In view, Baidu has a deep accumulation of national product development in the C-terminal, based on artificial intelligent hardware and software products and smart driving, smart cockpit, etc., these accumulations can seamlessly give a collection of cars, help the latter Create a smart car that knows the user. (3) The small rice is returned, but the intelligent accumulation is behind

After Apple, Xiaomi official, a mobile phone manufacturer, is the return of the expectations.

However, from this stage, Xiaomi’s accumulation of smart chemicals may fall behind Apple, Baidu and Huawei.

Although the Lei Jun said that the millet has 3 advantages:

Rich (108 billion cash reserves)

Some people (more than 10,000 R & D personnel, will also increase 5,000 in 2021)

Have an ecology (the top three mobile phone businesses / leading intelligent ecology

However, from the more than 800 patented contents of Xiaomi’s accumulated application, Most of Xiaomi’s patents are concentrated in the field of non-modular car, while the accumulation in the field of automotive intelligence is still lacking.

In other words, in this case, “smart” is more important than “car”.

If the millet has no smart driving, the smart cockpit is not intelligent, but it is only a simple spelling, or it is like a millet phone, it is difficult to break around in the automotive market.

(4) Huawei does not make a car: “Valid for 3 years”

Although at this stage, Huawei announced that it is not a car, but Huawei is not to be underestimated in the intelligence of automobiles.

In October 2020, Huawei issued a smart automobile solution brand Hi (Huawei Intelligent Automotive Solution).

Hi is an integration of Huawei Smart Automobile Solution, including: 1 new computing and communication architecture and 5 large intelligent systems, including smart driving, smart cockpit, smart electric, intelligent network and smart car clouds.

These functions are not strange to those who have long-term concern Huawei smart car business.

In fact, Huawei began to showcase its layout in the smart car business in 2019, Huawei’s construction of Huawei’s intelligent scene is also a relatively clear layout.

In November 2020, Ren Zheng did not express the car in a resolution.

But interesting is that in the end of the car, it is written “in this article from the date of issuance, valid for 3 years”.

After three years, Huawei is a car, which also left full imagination space for the outside world.

4, the car: open the wealth gate of the new era

From now on, intelligent has evolved into the core competitiveness of future cars, who can master the high intelligence technology, who can occupy more markets.

At present, three types of players in the new car field are laying out towards the same goal – car intelligence, and tries to create automotive products that have more subversive experiences.

Apple, Huawei, Baidu, Xiaomi, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba, Tencent also entered the intelligent car / automatic driving area through investment.

It can be said that technology / Internet giants in the global field have gathered in the same track.

In a new round of transways, they are firm supporters, and they may even become the leaders in the future.

In the next 10 years, if you want to occupy a place in the new round of the car tide, an electric car with “smart” is the core of “smart” will be the key to the next era wealth.

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