Last night, according to late LatePost reported that Xiaopeng CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Xiong Qingyun has recently left due to individual and family reasons, and this post is temporarily unmanned.

In November 2017, Xiong Qingyun, a senior vice president of the former Jingdong Group, and Xiong Qingyun, President, President of Meihang Care, Mei Yun, followed Ho Xiaopeng, served as Xiaopeng Auto Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), ICPAPOMAM Marketing and Brand Public Relations Work, directly to Chairman He Xiaopeng.

He Xiaopeng has repeatedly disclosed that “the user experience is the core strategy of Xiaopeng Automobile. The core thinking of the product manager is the just need of the user.” And the user thinking is the profound imprint of the Xiong Qingyun marketing strategy, this is the same as Xiaopeng Auto Internet The car concept is completed.

However, it seems that the user’s operation of Xiaopeng is not satisfactory in this year.

Compared to the service of “sea fishing”, it is ideal that the user operation of this after this will also make a sound, and Xiaopeng’s marketing does not have a particularly prominent place, and even often falls in the chain, in the three Internet new forces. Lower wind.

A data disclosed last year shows that in China’s passenger car net recommendation rate, it is 53%, and in all brands, the second place is 52%, and the ideal is also 47%. And the industry has 14%, Xiaopeng is not above the average.

In July 2019, due to the time interval between 2019 and 2020 G3 products, the new product has achieved remarkable improvement, plus the user’s communication efficiency is not good, and the old users are agreed, and the biggest in Xiaopeng is now the largest. The public relations crisis “G3 Rights Gate”, the outbreak of this incident, the first time I knocked the police clock for Xiaopeng Public Relation Department.

In April 2020, Xiaopeng’s upright P7 was officially launched. From now on, P7 is very powerful. However, in direct competition with Model 3 / Han EV, it is severely in the lower air, and the last two monthly sales are stable. At 1-2,000, the P7 is only about 3,000.

On the product power, P7 is completely non-lost Model 3 / Han EV, even in key indicators such as battery life; on brand power, BYD’s high-end image is not better than Xiaopeng. For Xiaopeng Motors, P7 has not failed, but for the market, P7 is not successful.

The results of P7 are directly related to Xiaopeng’s marketing. In the smart electric vehicle market, Xiaopeng’s marketing is too limited to smart electric vehicles, there are fewer marketing actions outside the circle, and the effect is not obvious, which makes P7 a well-collected work, but the greatness Products don’t understand most of them.

Electric potential speculation, Xiong Qingyun’s real reasons, or with Xiaopeng Automobile this year, it is related to the adjustment of marketing and brand public relations organization. It is reported that in order to further embrace users, improve operational efficiency, Xiaopeng began to learn to come, ideals, so that market organizations tend to be flattened.

Although it has been listed in US stocks, the cash flow reserves are also extremely full. Xiaopeng cars seem to be in the right track, but the inner problems are still in a wide variety, this, He Xiaopeng is as mirror, after the “closed” after the beginning of the year, he chooses active changes.

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