On February 2 this year, Dongfeng Honda CR-V Ru Rui · Mixed E + model (plugging mixed version) is officially launched, allowing the Cr-V family to enter the 2.0 era of oil and electricity mixing and plugging. Then, the leading insertion technology of the same level can bring the ultimate driving pleasure to make the user, and it is always the focus of attention.

On March 29th, Dongfeng Honda CR-V Ru Rui · Mixed E + Technical Tasting will be held in Shenzhen. The author is fortunate to participate in this activity. Through the in-depth static experience and road dynamic test drive, I feel its unique charm.

When the Honda CR-V Rui · Mix E +, most people have difficulty finding its “special”.

As a new power model, Honda Cr-V sharp mixed E + model is only adjusted at the details of the front face and the tail mark, the most obvious is that the front grille added three high-quality chrome-chromium-chromium, and in the body new The proportional PHEV logo is added to further reflect its flagship style.

The side shape of the body is basically consistent with the fuel version, the flat waistline runs through the front of the car, and the wing plate with a slightly prominent wing is very sminary. As a plug model, Honda Cr-V sharp mixed E + model also increases the charging jack.

Entering the car, the interior design of the new car has not changed significantly, the overall shape is more concise, equipped with a liquid crystal instrument panel and a three-wire multi-function steering wheel, and continues to use the button shifting mechanism, but also equipped with many intelligent technology configuration, such as mobile phone wireless charging , Plasma air purification system, etc., allowing technology and luxury tentacles.

Thanks to 1861mm cars wide, 2660mm wheelbase, Honda Cr-Vuru · Mixed E + model is very sufficient, the internal space is reasonable and flexible, and the rich storage space reflects humanized design. idea.

Whether it is an appearance or an interior, Honda CR-V Rui · Mixed E + model has left a deep impression on everyone. As we all know, compared to the pure electric car, there is no life in the insertion model, and there is an environmentally friendly, comfortable and low cost like electric vehicles. So, what is the driving experience of this plug?

The model we test drive was equipped with a Sport Hybrid E + system composed of 2.0L engine + motor, and the transmission part matched the E-CVT gearbox.

The 2.0L engine has a maximum power of 107kW, the maximum torque is 175N · m; the maximum power of the motor is 135kW, the maximum torque is 315N · m, which provides superior power to the vehicle. Thanks to the high efficiency of the I-MMD hybrid system, Cr-V sharp mixed E + models of 100 kilometers of comprehensive working conditions are only 1.3L.

In the process of test drive, I can deeply feel the Honda CR-V Rui, Mixed E + charm: driving texture is infinitely close to electric cars.

Honda CR-V Ru Rui Mixed E + provides EV Drive Mode pure electric drive mode, Hybrid DRIVE MODE hybrid drive mode, Engine Drive Mode engine drive mode, and three modes can be switched.

If the amount of power is sufficient, the system will drive by pure electric drive by default, Honda Cr-V Ru Rui Mix E + can provide power in the 0-120km / h in the range of electric machines. When you encounter a steep slope or need to accelerate, the system automatically switches you into hybrid drive mode.

At the beginning, the Honda CR-V Ru Rui Mixed E + has a relatively fast, and the power is mainly smooth. This is completely different from the fuel truck, and the E-CVT transmission also makes it a smooth feeling comparable to electric car. The chassis tuning is also biased, and the bumps of the road are effectively filtered and will not be delivered to the car.

Moreover, Honda CR-V Ru Rui Mixed E + battery pack is located below the chassis, which effectively reduces the center of gravity of the vehicle, so that the manipulation performance of the whole vehicle is more stable.

If you are not satisfied with it, you want the kind of driving passion, press the “Sport” button, it can instantly switch to “combat mode”, power output is more powerful, and the transmission response is more sensitive, driving desire moment is full .

Compared to the mixed version of Cr-V, mainly driven Honda CR-V sharp, mixed E + car NVH performance, and it also equipped with suction carpets, noise reduction tires, soundproof cotton, soundproof glass and other advanced Sound insulation materials, let the tranquility of the whole vehicle more.

Write in the last:

Honda CR-V has been “evergreen trees” in the domestic SUV market since the introduction of China in 2004. It is not difficult to find through a deep experience and test drive. As the first insert model of Dongfeng Honda, Honda CR-V Ru Rui mixed E + model not only moves smoothly, but has a driving experience that is close to electric cars. The fuel consumption is even lower. The car cost is low, perfectly solve the user’s actual use needs. In other words, CR-V Rui Mixed E + opens the mixed new era, and has achieved “debut”, which will further consolidate its leading market position.

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