For a mixed model on the market, many people may pay attention to the compact car Toyota’s Carolla, Rayling, and of course the Accord, Camry, etc. of the intermediate car, Camry and other attention and users. It is true that these cars mentioned above are all Japanese, and the attention is high, the market is large, but there is a car, which is worth paying attention, that is, our next BYD Qin Plus DM-i super Mix.

On March 30, Qin Ding Tianxia – Qin Plus DM-I Super Mixed National Tour Listening Conference Shock Shijiazhuang! This event invited the mainstream car media big coffee in Shijiazhuang area and BYD car owners to witness the new bloom of Qin Plus DM-I from the three aspects of subversion, vertical and rising. Feel the subversive strength.

On the day of the event, the 3.8L fuel consumption challenge of Qin Plus DM-I was launched, and BYD invites local media to verify the strength and hard core of the Qin PLUS DM-I. Through this test drive, everyone has a more profound understanding of the life, appearance, power performance, intelligent configuration, comfort and other product characteristics of Qin Plus DM-I, “3.8L 100 kilometers ultra-low fuel consumption” Got everyone’s unanimous recognition.

It is reported that the 3.8L fuel consumption revolutionary challenge has a total of 50 kilometers, a total of 4 groups of media teachers. Before departure, the start mileage of all vehicles, and the energy consumption information is recorded, and the battery power of the car is at a loss of about 25%, and the HEV + ECO mode is used, and the degree of energy feedback is maximized.

The staff drives the vehicle to the starting gas station. After the oil gun jumped, he continued to come slowly until the gasoline was completely filled with a fuel tank and the liquid level reached the fuel. Each vehicle is fully filled with fuel tanks, and the fuel consumption calculation of the BYD 4S shop is reached again, and the oil station is rejected. Accurate fuel consumption results are calculated based on the real-time recording mileage and energy consumption of the whole round.

In the end, 4 groups of vehicles challenged the oil consumption and less than 3.8L / 100km, spike the same level fuel car, once again confirmed the subversive product of the revolutionary ultra-low fuel consumption of Qin Plus DM-I “3.8L 100 kilometers.

This launch conference is in the opening of Wuqiao acrobatics in Hebei, and the thrilling high-altitude acrobatic performance has attracted the eyes of the audience. In the expectation of everyone, Qin Plus DM-I slowly raised in the stage, and became the audience. focus.

On the spot, Mr. Wang Mingyu, Qin Di Product Center, the sales division of BYD Dynasties, from Long Yan Design Language, Performance Subversion, DM-I Technology, etc. Comprehensively understand the subversive strength of Qin Plus DM-I.

On the scene of the launch, I also invited a representative of a quasi-car owner of Qin Plus DM-I, from the perspective of consumers, from the perspective of Qin PLUS DM-I in cost performance, performance, and appearance.

As the subversion of BYD DM-I super mixing technology, Qin Plus DM-I achieved ultra-low fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. The conference was conducted through the Qin Plus DM-I National Tour of Tianjin to Shijiazhuang’s relay test and the monetary test from the national media, the owner of the owner, once again verified the strength of Qin Plus DM-I.

When the 3.8L fuel consumption revolutionary challenge is announced on the spot, the real fuel consumption of a comprehensive lower than 3.8L will push the entire site atmosphere into a climax.

As a personal experience of Qin Plus DM-I, Yan Zhao car network Pengbang, on the spot, shared the test drive experience of the 3.8L fuel consumption revolutionary challenge on the same day, and his views on Qin Plus DM-I transcendence.

Qin is a kind of belief, it is a symbol. This launch conference invited Mr. Fu Xuefeng, from history, systematically tells the deepest significance of “Qin”, and “Carbon Peak” repeatedly mentioned during the two (Hui) this year. And “carbon neutrality”, again confirmed the industry weight of Qin Plus DM-I “100 kilometers of 3.8L ultra-low fuel consumption”.

Subsequently, the Vice-director of the Northern War District of the Northern Dynasty in BYD Dynasty, was released by Mr. Jianjun. Under the expectation of the guests and media friends, the listing price and preferential policies of the Qin PlusDM-I were announced. This listing, Qin Plus DM-I issued four models, namely:

120 km flagship type after price of 145,800 yuan;

120 kilometers of distinguished subsidies priced at 129,800 yuan;

55 kilometers of flagship type after price of 119,800 yuan;

55 km distinguished subsidy after price of 105,800 yuan.

Throughout the automotive market, you have a model of the Qin Plus DM-I to collect the heart, the super high value, and the high-standard configuration is at least 15-20 million. In contrast, the price of Qin Plus DM-I once again highlights BYD car to make a strong Chinese car, and do the determination of national good car.

Qin Plus DM-I uses subversive technology, which fully exceeds the same fuel car in terms of technical level, fuel consumption performance, driving experience, appearance, etc., and the whole vehicle is equivalent to excellent performance.

1.5L high-efficiency engine + EHS electric mixing system + DM-I super mixed special power blade battery’s perfect combination, create a mixed technology of “electricity-based”, loss of money can be low 100 kilometers 3.8L; Qin PLUS DM-I full models range of 7 seconds, 0-100km / h accelerated 120km version only 7.3s, 55km version is only 7.9s, faster than the same fuel car 2- 3 seconds; 120km version comprehensive battery life can reach 1245km, 55km version comprehensive battery life 1180km, is the world’s oil king; quiet and peacefulness is unlimited close to pure tram, comfortable to experience far from the Fuel car; with green custom, Qin Plus DM-I Make users don’t worry. Appearance, Qin Plus DM-I integrates a new design element over the design language of “Dragon Face”, with a larger sense impact, and more sharpness. The new car waistline is designed, which presents a pond gesture. The new car is equipped with a plurality of radiation aluminum alloy wheel, and the size is further increased, which looks more powerful.

For all, BYD has always laid a new height through the continuous technological innovation, to lay a new height for Chinese auto sciences, creating a new pattern, as its first strong work in 2021, Qin Plus DM-I created fast, provincial, quiet, smooth, green The new driver’s new perception showed the leading power of BYD in plug-in hybrid technology.

Its listing not only subverts the user’s habit of new energy vehicles, but also overflows the user’s driving experience of traditional cars, solves the traditional fuel fuel consumption, driving experience, “double limits” urban difficulty Many pain points become a new benchmark for the 100,000-level familyior. If you are buying a car, the budget is about 100,000, you will buy a hybrid model with a comfortable and scientific and high cost-effective, cost-effective? At least in the eyes, buying a such car is a practical manifestation, and a fairly desirable decision.

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