In recent years, with the rise of the new energy market, many cars have begun to get involved in this emerging market. Everyone knows that the future will inevitably gradually gradually gradually. In addition, the initial country has supported the strong support of new energy vehicles, and has been derived from a group of companies that exist for fraud. Just as the policy continues to adjust, the publication is announced, so this situation is contained. Despite this, there is already a case where the new energy vehicle already has a quality level.

As of February, my country’s new energy vehicle production and reaching 317,000 vehicles, up 395.3% year-on-year, and there is also a good performance in sales. By the end of last year, it is based on my country’s new energy car ownership and exceeding 4.92 million. As can be seen from the data, this market has always shown a stable rise. However, large-scale production and rapid development also makes new energy vehicles have many problems in vehicles.

Not long ago, the National Market Supervision Bureau exposed a batch of model recall plan, including more than 40,000 of them recalled for safety hazards, including 33,000 new energy vehicles with pure electric vehicles. Such a high proportion of recalls, it can also be seen that the ranks of new energy vehicles are still unstable in contrast to many years of traditional fuel-saving markets.

Car companies that have these problems are not all famous small brands that do not turn through, but there are many giants in the new energy field. Among them, there is a new energy car enterprise giant Tesla who has caused accidents that have caused accidents and new vehicles. Also, the airbag cannot be popped up in the collision test, and the new car has an ideal car, etc.

As for the mileage, new energy vehicles’ life-saving false issues have almost accepted by consumers. Many models that labeled the working condition for 400km can only have only 350km, even when the air conditioner or the road conditions are relatively complex. This is also why many owners are still reluctant to choose, especially in summer, and the air conditioner is also a test for pure electric cars. If you run long distance, you have a lot of car owners. I am worried that it will lead to the nest because I have opened a air conditioner, after all, even in the high-speed driving, even in the sultry, I can’t open the window ventilation.

At the moment, the new energy car market is also called everyone to make a car. Many companies that have nothing to do with the automotive and battery industries have begun to enter the game. From Gree to Evergrande to Foxconn, although these companies are faucets in various fields. Boss, but can create a new energy car that makes people draw a question mark. Perhaps the big leap in the new energy car should be slow, and the quality of the product has been a primary issue.

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