Audi as a luxury car brand of the old style, with a resounding name in China. Whether it is a classic Audi A series sedan or the Q series of SUV models, they have extremely high recognition in the market. As the Audi multi-model model has begun to introduce the plug-in hybrid version, Audi in the pure electric model has also begun to speed up the R & D process.

Recently, there is an overseas media exposed a set of Audi Q6E-TRON’s road test. According to Audi official, the new car plans to be officially put into production in the German Yogor Shita Decure Factory next year. From the spy photos, the current car is still very high, the front headlights use the narrow eagle eye design, more fascinating. As an Audi’s pure electric model, Audi Q6E-TRON uses a closed front grid, highlighting its pure electric model identity, and the lower grating is still compact.

From the side of the body, the new car uses slipper design, more transboundary sport style, and uses a plurality of alloy wheels on the hub, more sporty. At the end of the car, a rough split taillight design is used, and the traditional exhaust port is canceled, emphasizing the performance of its energy saving and environmental protection. In terms of body size, it is reported that Audi Q6E-TRON will be between Q4E-TRON and Audi E-TRON.

In terms of power, this new car has not yet announced related data, but as a model based on PPE platform. Audi Q6E-TRON is expected to load air suspension, torque vector control and 350KW fast charge system, or will provide back drive and four-wheel drive models. According to foreign media, the new car will exceed the E-TRON model on the battery life, and the SportBack coupe model is expected to launch the SportBack coupe.

Not only that, but the Audi has also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Nanshan Bisheng Tencent, and the two sides will jointly build intelligent interconnected digital ecological models. And Tencent includes a variety of software, including WeChat, QQ music, and Tencent maps will also appear in the future Audi new car. And some Audi’s current models can also be upgraded, and the Tencent application is replaced.

Soon Tencent Mahua Teng Gang just said that it is not in the car to launch the car WeChat in order to consider the safety of the owner, it is currently developing security in car WeChat. This time, the car Tencent application software that is co-developed with Audi will realize the functions such as speech control broadcast sending messages, and realize the more secure mode of operation than watching mobile phones. I have to say that Tencent Ma said that the spirit of dryness is really worthy of many enterprises.

As an in-depth luxury brand, Audi is in the on-one, in the case of the new, the same level of competition, one side, and hug Tencent this big tree. I believe that the future model is equipped with WeChat this killer, there will be more consumers to pay for it.

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