According to the statistics of insurance data, in February 2021, the power battery was 4.4GWH, which was more than the landslide caused by the influence of the epidemic last year.

At the battery loader, different echelon companies present a quantitative difference. At present, CATL’s installed capacity has accounted for 52% of the entire market. LG chemistry, Guoxuan, China Airlines, the top two scale is basically around 0.5GWH, and the customer’s situation is also very single. If the next year can have new customers, the situation will improve, Guoxuan and China Airlines customers, but currently Lack of large-scale customers, the remaining Top companies currently do not reach 100 MWH.

In BMS, the difference in market share of different echelon companies is not very obvious, and the market concentration of TOP10 is only 77%, lower than 93% of the battery market; there is a very significant feature of Top10’s BMS company, that is, in addition to CATL and In addition to homemade manufacturers, the procurement ratio of each major customer is more than 95%, indicating that the current BMS manufacturers are highly dependent on specific customers. What is this reason? Welcome everyone to discuss in the NE Age.

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