The intelligent driving track of the group ushered in a strong player.

On March 25, the Everbruck has held a Hunan Intelligent Network Conference. At the meeting, the intelligent cockpit of Hengda Automobile, the overtime platform, etc. “Black Technology” results were unveiled, especially the H-Smart OS Hengfeng intelligent network system with Tencent, Baidu R & D, is the system showing constant. The deep understanding and practice of the development of smart vehicles.

Affected by this good news, Everbright Automobile (0708.HK) continued to rise after the opening of March 26. As of 6.63% of the afternoon, it has been reported to HK $ 60.3, and the Football Society is a Capital Market. Favused.

Core technical advantage

The 2020 financial report disclosed by Hengda Auto has shown that the company’s operating income reached 15.487 billion, an increase of 175% year-on-year, with a gross profit of 2695 million, an increase of 43% year-on-year.

What is worth paying attention is that Evergrande Automobile Management revealed at the performance conference that the company has invested 47.4 billion yuan in the new energy automobile industry, in the field of engineering and development, power battery, automatic driving and intelligent network. 24.9 billion yuan.

The R & D investment in the average level of far exceeded industry has laid a good foundation for the development of Evergrande.

At present, Hengda has a certain core technology in the chassis architecture, power assembly, battery, engineering technology, intelligent network, automatic driving and other fields. Especially in this intelligent network conference, H-Smart OS Hengxin Intelligent Network Systems showed in constant large cars, which reveals the company’s system layout in the intelligent network.

Committed to building “car home in one” Zhilian mobile space

At the on-site meeting, Hengchi has demonstrated a series of intelligent, automated features. Users can not only call the car through the mobile app one button, let the unmanned anti-automatic driving to the designated location, but also with advanced sensors. Complete no induction, fatigue test, etc. In addition, through the most advanced V2X road synergistic technology, the Helen can realize the functions of overwhelming warning, intersection collision warning, and green wave pass.

It is reported that in order to create a more intelligent driving experience, Hengfeng is equipped with an aerospace-level smart cockpit. The original ring 3D surface is large, and the nine-screen display seven-screen linkage can be realized. Most importantly, Hengchi has also adopted the most powerful high-pass third-generation Snapdragon digital cockpit platform, and its superior force is more than 2 times more of the mainstream models of the market, which is called “super big brain”.

In terms of man-machine interaction, Hengchi has created a customizable car holographic projection AI assistant – Xiao Chi, just use voice to decide, AI assistant can place an order in the e-commerce platform, complete remote shopping, etc. When there is a fatigue state during driving, the AI ​​assistant can also vain, steering wheel vibration, automatic fragrance, and adjustment temperature to ensure driving safety. In addition, Hengki also innovates the landscape to different fields, and can evolve into a mobile conference room for remote office.

In fact, the collective appearance of this Hengchi automobile intelligent network scientific and technological achievements, and the side reflects the deep understanding and practice of Evergrande Automobile for the development prospects of smart vehicles. It is reported that Everbright Motors are committed to building a “car home combination” in Zhilian mobile space through technology and data closed loop. Today, H-Smart OS Hengxin Intelligent Net System is released, which represents a great step in the track of the smart network car.

It is reported that the current Evergrande Automobile has also developed 14 cars in synchronous, and plans to achieve more than 1 million annual production and sales in 2025, in 2035, the annual output of over 5 million goals.

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