In the Sanyer in Japan, Honda’s sales have always been more docile, whether Toyota Carolla is still a Japanese, and there is quite good sales and reputation. The Honda’s model is almost meaningful, and the best-selling Civic is still selling people. However, while sales, Honda technology is still very reliable, and the models such as CRV, XRV have always had a reputation.

With the introduction of the PHEV version of the CRV, Guangqi Honda also launched the PHEV version of his own, and like CRV, the two of these two and the fuel model have almost no changes in the appearance, except for details. The PHEV logo was added to highlight its identity, and other families have inherited together, it seems to be a large number of old fans brought by the old model.

There is no detail diagram of the new car on the new car files in the ICT website, so we can only predict whether the electrification of this shadow will be large by changes in the CRV version electrification. Size changes. According to the experience of CRV, this fuel car is electrified, and it should not give people a surprise in the endojet part. After all, Honda has always been referred to as endo.

Although the appearance of the interior is not too large, the driving force of the car has a qualitative leap after electrification. The new car will be equipped with a 2.0L natural intake engine of Honda. At the same time, the motor is matched to the I-MMD hybrid system, and the maximum power reaches 158 kilowatts, and the sharply mixed version currently selling is not the same. At the same time, the electric system mounted in the car, driving 85 kilometers in the case of pure electric, if only short-haul is attending, such end-handed mileage can basically meet the needs.

In fact, a car has no new strategy. The PHEV version of the CRV and Haixia shadow did not have much advantage in many ways, and the pricing greater than 250,000 yuan is too easy to accept. We predict the sales of this Haixian PHEV version with products in the current car market, and believe that it will not bring too much accident to the market.

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